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Saturday, May 4, San Francisco
Ed Rev Expo on learning and attention differences. Now entering its 11th year, EdRev Expo combines education sessions, resources and consultations with a celebratory community day at the ballpark. For students, parents, educators and professionals.   Learn more

Saturday, May 4, Santa Barbara
Spring Colloquium on Gifted Children, presented by Tri-County GATE Council & The Knox School, serving parents & educators in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, & Ventura counties. Opening keynote talk by Linda Silverman, and closing keynote by Jim Delisle. Learn more
Wednesday, May 8, Danville
A Mini Conference on Parenting and Educating Gifted, Twice-exceptional, and Neuro-divergent Children, presented by Big Minds founder Dr. Melanie Hayes. Register for free
Create, Explore, and Soar at Camp Summit for Gifted Youth
A few spaces are still available at Camp Summit this summer! A  multi-night sleepover summer camp for gifted students ages 9 through 14, c amp offers indoor and outdoor fun. Coming to the SF Bay Area (Marin Headlands) June 16-22, and to Northeast, Maryland in August.    Learn more
Support The G Word Documentary About Giftedness
Check out the coming feature documentary, The G Word about who gets to be "gifted" in America and why. Currently in production, you can help support the film on Kickstarter.
Summit Center Update
April 2019

If you would like to understand more about your child's learning profile, how to gain coping skills for your child, or how to help your child reach their full potential, give us a call.
Setting's the Sticking to them that gets Sticky!
Melanie Prager, Summit Center
By Melanie Soloway Prager, J.D., C.P.E.
Summit Center Parent Educator
When they are little, it is relatively easy to set the limits we need to protect our children. It was not necessary for me to have a degree in rocket science to know that putting a bumper on the cribs of my twins would protect them from hitting their heads.  As toddlers, safety locks on cabinets were the logical solution to ensure they kept all ten fingers intact, while installing gates seemed like the obvious thing to do to prevent them from falling down the stairs. As they grow older, however, I sometimes wonder if being a rocket scientist would be easier than being a parent!

Even when we know where to set the limits, like knowing that ice-cream should not be substituted for milk in the morning, setting them is sometimes just as challenging.  Sticking to them, however, is where things really get sticky!

What I have found, as a mother of three teens, and having taught parenting classes for over fifteen years, is that understanding the importance of why I am doing something makes the follow-through so much easier ...

Parent Footprint Podcast: Terrific Toddlers Authors Carol Seavin and Rhona Silverbush plus Simple Acts with Natalie Silverstein
Dr. Dan Peters posted two new episodes of the Parent Footprint Podcast last month:
Dr. Dan welcomed Carol Zeavin, MSEd, Med, and Rhona Silverbush, JD, educators and authors of the new book series TERRIFIC TODDLERS. Published by the American Psychological Association/Magination Press, this series will help families struggling with the toddler years, giving parents, educators and caregivers ways to help toddlers overcome their daily dramas including boo-boo's, sharing and saying bye-bye to mommy and daddy.

The authors explain how they used groundbreaking research to craft age-appropriate stories that take into account the language level and comprehension level of a toddler. Dr. Dan focuses on how these books will empower parents because they all include a "Note to Parents and Caregivers" feature that provides parents with important guidelines for navigating these challenges and helping their toddlers understand their world.

In the next episode, Dr. Dan spoke with author Natalie Silverstein, about her new book SIMPLE ACTS: THE BUSY FAMILY'S GUIDE TO GIVING BACK.

Natalie Silverstein is the New York volunteer coordinator of Doing Good Together in New York City, as well as a frequent presenter and contributor to parenting blogs GrownAndFlown and MommyPoppins. She offers hundreds of practical ideas for incorporating service and the spirit of giving into your family life. This show, along with Natalie's book, is a call to action for all parents to model good values, teach volunteerism, and ultimately help those in need.

Subscribe to the Parent Footprint Podcast through iTunes, Google Podcasts (on your Android), Spotify, TuneIn Radio , iHeart Radio, Stitcher, or listen on the show page.