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Gifted Research & Outreach Research on Physiology of Gifted
Our colleagues at Gifted Research & Outreach (LINK) have announced that they will be launching a research project in the next year around the physiology of giftedness. Their mission is to use scientific research to discover how giftedness affects a person physically and psychologically. We look to seeing the results of their work.   Read more
New Parent Group Begins in Jan. 2020
A new Discussion Group for Parents of Gifted and 2e Children will be held in Walnut Creek on Monday mornings, 10:00 am - 11:30 am, 6 sessions beginning January 27, 2020. The group will discuss the unique challenges that gifted children bring to families, including their social emotional needs. Led by Dr. Ellena Chen and Melanie Hayes, certified SENG facilitators. Space is limited, and pre-registration is required. Details at
Upcoming Events
January 21: Screenagers 2: The Next Chapter at the Orinda Theater. Orinda, CA.

January 30-31, 2020: 10th Anniversary Gifted Education Conference, at the University of Denver, Denver, CO, for teacher leaders, district leaders, researchers, parents, mental health professionals, and education service providers. Featured speakers include Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Dr. Julia Link Roberts, Dr. Marcia Gentry and Dr. Frank Worrell. Learn more

April 24-25-26: Gifted Development Center presents the Child-Centered World Symposium, Gifted Adult SummitNational Consortium of Schools for the Gifted, and Gathering of the Guiding Lights. All in Westminster or Thornton, CO. Learn more

Summit Center Update
December 2019

Happy Holidays to you and yours from everyone at the Summit Center. We are grateful for your support and commitment to raising healthy and engaged children.
Parent Footprint Podcast: Warrior Parent Coaching with Cass & Len Arcuri and Family Dinner Playbook with Brianne DeRosa
Dr. Dan speaks with two parents who know how to use food and nutrition for health and better relationships:
Episode 72: Warrior Parent Coaching with Cass and Len Arcuri

Dr. Dan welcomes Cass and Len Arcuri, the founders of  Warrior Parent Coaching to the Parent Footprint podcast.  Dr. Dan interviews Cass and Len about their life-changing journey which started when their son received an autism diagnosis at a young age.  

During the  show, Cass and Len share intimate details about their personal experiences with autism, diet modification, and environmental toxins.

The Warrior Parent Coaching program grew out of Cass and Len's roles as "Mom and Dad" and into a thriving personal coaching program. They cover solutions related to empowerment and mindset, diet and nutrition, and more.

Episode 73: Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook with Brianne DeRosa

Just in time for holiday meals, Dr. Dan welcomes author and food writer Brianne DeRosa to discuss family dinners, family meals and the recently released book Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook.

Dr. Dan and Bri tell us what the research says about the benefits of family dinners, The Family Dinner Project organization's mission, and the revelation that "Food + Fun + Conversation" are the three key ingredients to a meaningful family dinner (or meal).

Dr. Dan and Bri tackle common obstacles to gathering the whole family for a meal such as busy lives, stress, lack of time, picky eaters, and conflicting work schedules as well as how to follow the family rule "No One Eats Alone Rule" (even if it means Face-timing during dinner!).
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Letter to the Summit Center Community about WISC-V Extended Norms
Dr. Dan Peters Exec. Director
Dear Summit Center Community,

Many of you have already heard the good news - we now have Extended Norms for the WISC-V! The Extended Norms, listed in Pearson Technical Report #6, allows us to measure cognitive ability at the upper ends of the bell curve in order to differentiate levels of giftedness, particularly Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted individuals. With higher scores now possible, up to 210, we can more accurately assess ability in order to guide educational, parenting, and social-emotional needs and related guidance, differentiation, and accommodation.
The Extended Norms was truly a collaborative effort with colleagues around the country, as testing protocols were contributed from members of the NAGC Assessments of Giftedness Special Interest Group. Summit Center and its dedicated and giving community were honored to be contributing members.   Read more