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The G Word Fall Fundraiser 10/19 in Redwood City, CA
The G Word Fall Fundraiser will take place in Redwood City on Saturday, October 19th at the private residence of Ron Turiello, Producer of The G Word, and his wife, Margret Caruso. A special meet and greet reception will take place from 2pm-3pm, followed by A LIVE TALK SHOW with award-winning filmmaker Marc Smolowitz, Director / Producer of THE G WORD, and featured guests Scott Barry Kaufman , Frank C. Worrell, Edward Amend, Ann Smith, Dr. Dan Peters, and others. The fundraiser supports The G Word, a new documentary film about giftedness, intelligence, and neurodiversity.    Ticket details
The 2 Days of 2e virtual conference is for parents, educators, and clinicians, to learn how to best reach and teach 2e learners (gifted with a learning difference).

2 Days of 2e launches October 29-30, 2019, and since it's virtual, it will remain available on-demand through April 2020.

Speakers include Deborah Reber, Dr. Richard Cash, Josh Shaine, Julie Skolnick, Joanna Haase, Greg Burnham, LeDerick Horne, Femke Hovinga, and more. They will  discuss topics from emotion regulation, social thinking, and trauma to learning styles, classroom regulation, and teaching strategies.  Summit Center is a sponsor and will have a virtual booth.
Last Chance! Register for Virtual Groups
New virtual groups begin October 28. You can join from anywhere through our online video meeting platform. Both groups are facilitated by Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed.

Virtual Advanced Group For Parents of Gifted and 2e Children   is recommended for those who have read A Parents Guide to Gifted Children . Meets  Monday afternoons once a month beginning October 28. More info

Gifted Adult: The Intensity of Life, Virtual Group :  Is it a challenge to manage your passions, work or relation-ships? Join other adults to discuss over-excitability challenges and learn coping skills, once a month, Monday evenings beginning October 28. Learn more
Summit Center Update
October 2019

How is school progressing for your child so far? If you want to better understand your child's learning and development, give us a call.
New Publisher Gifted Unlimited Continues Legacy of Great Potential Press
All Great Potential Press, Inc books are still available through Gifted Unlimited, LLC. "Great Potential Press titles will continue to carry the GPP imprint. They are now available on the Gifted Unlimited website store at President Molly Isaacs-McLeod, JD, LL.M. said, "It is an honor to be entrusted with carrying Dr. Jim Webb's legacy forward, and to have the opportunity to build on his vision."

Dr. Dan Peters' "How To Make Your Worrier a Warrior," and Dr. Susan Daniels' "Living with Intensity" can be found at
New Parent Footprint Podcasts
on Sleep with Dr. Valerie Crabtree and
The Wonder Weeks with Xaviera Plas
Dr. Dan Peters welcomes two new guests to his podcast with important information about the importance of sleep and the wonder of infant development.

The Importance of Sleep for Young People with Dr. Valerie Crabtree

Dr. Dan welcomes Dr. Valerie Crabtree of the acclaimed St. Jude's Research Hospital to discuss the importance of sleep for young people. Dr. Crabtree tells Dr. Dan, "Sleep is the third pillar of health, along with nutrition and movement, that keeps us healthy and balanced."

"We literally clean our brains while we sleep, washing away harmful toxins and making room for memories to be stored, " wrote Dr. Crabtree in a recent article. "In children and teenagers, poor or insufficient sleep is related to poorer organization, poorer memory, and academic difficulties."

Dr. Crabtree talks to Dr. Dan about grumpy teenagers, school start times, what the APA recommends, and her own experience raising teenage boys. Learn more  about Dr. Crabtree and her work.
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The Wonder Weeks with Xaviera Plas

Dr. Dan welcomes author/CEO of The Wonder Weeks book and app Xaviera Plas-Plooij. Listeners will love this informative discussion about the just released sixth edition of the internationally bestselling book TThe Wonder Weeks: A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby's Behavior.

Xaviera Plas-Plooij, mother of three, wants to give parents the tools they need in order to fully understand their baby's mental and emotional development. She offers a refreshing new paradigm for parenting, one in which fussy phases can be viewed positively. In addition, she launched a bestselling app so parents can track the ten magical leaps that their baby makes, on a personalized schedule.  More information on Xaviera and The Wonder Weeks.
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Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know, by Don Winn
Dr. Dan Peters contributed the forward to the new book, Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know, by Don Winn.

The book is a user-friendly guide providing detailed assistance to parents and educators who want to help children with dyslexia achieve their best lives. Keyed to current, cutting edge research, topics include signs of dyslexia parents can watch for at various ages, symptoms that warrant diagnosis by a professional, what to expect during the testing process, and tips on working with your child's school. 

"With this book in hand," says Dr. Dan Peters, "You will be empowered by the knowledge of how dyslexia impacts your child and how to raise a healthy human being with dyslexia."

Learn more about the book in this video.

Dr. Dan recently interviewed Don Winn about his dyslexia work on the Parent Footprint podcast.