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March 27, 2019
Contact:         Carlo LoParo
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Summit County Elected, Business and Labor Leaders 
Call on State to Save Ohio’s Nuclear Power Plants
Akron – Summit County government, business and labor leaders are asking state legislators to find a solution that will save Ohio’s two nuclear power plants. 

Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, Greater Akron Chamber President and CEO Steve Millard, and Tri-County Regional Labor Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer David Prentice signed a joint letter calling on elected leaders in Columbus to pass legislation that preserves the jobs, tax revenue and clean energy benefits made possible by the Perry and Davis-Besse nuclear power plants. 

The two facilities are scheduled to close within the next two years if no legislative solution is found.

The joint letter , which was addressed to Governor Mike DeWine, Senate President Larry Obhof and House Speaker Larry Householder, referenced FirstEnergy Solutions’  Restructuring Support Agreement .

"This issue is critically important to the city of Akron, Summit County and the state as a whole," said County Executive Shapiro. "Losing these plants would cost over 4,000 jobs across the state. We were encouraged to see FirstEnergy Solutions is taking steps that would keep these jobs in our state. It is now time for the General Assembly and governor to act on this issue."

"Together, Perry and Davis-Besse generate 90 percent of our state’s zero-emissions electricity, with no sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions," said Mayor Horrigan. "Closing these plants will be the equivalent of adding nearly two million cars to our roads, and nine million tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to our air. This will be a major set-back to important clean energy initiatives."

"Closing Perry and Davis-Besse would reduce Ohio GDP by more than $510 million a year and cause cuts to budgets for schools, first responders and other services across the state," said Mr. Millard. " Certainly, cities closest to the facilities will be hit the hardest, but nearly all communities will be impacted as the state looks to off-set the lost revenue. When you consider the companies doing business with the plants and their suppliers, the economic loss only multiplies."

"Workers across Ohio have been strong partners in building and maintaining Ohio’s nuclear power infrastructure," said Mr. Prentice. "We are committed to saving the jobs made possible by Perry and Davis-Besse, and making sure electric rates do not increase as a result of these plants shutting down. We are ready to engage our legislative leaders - with our coalition partners - in pursuit of a solution." 

FirstEnergy Solutions' Restructuring Support Agreement represents an agreement between the company and key creditors on terms for restructuring.

The agreement enables the company to continue operating its nuclear generation assets until their announced deactivation dates. It also positions the company to continue running the units for an extended period if the governor and General Assembly take steps to keep the plants open.  

FirstEnergy Solutions remained on track toward completing its restructuring with the filing of its Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement in February.

"We are proud that Akron’s own FirstEnergy Solutions has taken steps to make sure these plants stay open for decades to come," said Mayor Horrigan. "The Restructuring Support Agreement, along with the Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement, are clear signs that First Energy Solutions remains committed to keeping the plants open, providing clean energy and protecting vital jobs for all Ohioans."

The Akron leaders are members of the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance, a broad-based and growing coalition of government, business and labor officials across the state. The coalition is engaging legislators, policymakers and the public to highlight the employment, economic, environmental and grid reliability benefits provided by the Perry and Davis-Besse plants. 


The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance is a coalition of Ohio community leaders and organizations committed to preserving the jobs and economic benefits, carbon-free energy and electricity grid reliability our nuclear plants provide to the state. Ohio’s nuclear plants are an asset to the state and our communities, and the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance is committed to working with partners and supporters across the state to ensure our nuclear plants continue to operate.