Summit Public Art Giving Day Challenge
48 donors in 48 hours to unlock
over $10,000 in challenge gifts
Dear Summit Public Art Supporter, 

Summit Public Art plays a vital role in the Summit community. Our public art initiatives strengthen the connections within our community. This was never more apparent than during the last nine months. During these unprecedented times, Summit Public Art adapted and mobilized to keep public art relevant, current, and accessible. In light of the difficulties we faced, we drew strength from the unique power art has to inspire, comfort, and bring us together.  

Please mark your calendars and save-the-date! Next week, on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 Summit Public Art will launch its first ever Giving Day Challenge. During this 48-hour event we are asking you to help us share the messages that we will be posting on social media and sending out via email. We ask that you spread the word to your friends, family, and other community members of the importance of Summit Public Art in the Summit community. Our goal for this community challenge is to reach 48 donors in 48 hours to unlock over $10,000 in challenge gifts. We are asking you to please consider making a gift during this 48 hour period. Your gift - no matter the size - will have an impact and will count towards success in this challenge! Summit Public Art is a completely volunteer-run and donor-funded organization that makes art accessible to the Summit Community. It is only through your support that we are able to continue to bring exceptional art to our wonderful city and home. 

To support Summit Public Art and learn more about our most recent installations, please visit our website to make your gift today. If you would prefer to make a gift another way, please reach out by responding to this email. 

Thank you for your support.

The Summit Public Art Committee & Friends of Summit Public Art
Maddy - Togetherness Trail
Maddy - What Lifts You.jpg
"SPA has helped our family get out of the house, while staying safe. It brightens our days and gives our toddler space to be an adventurer, as she inquires about our world we share." 

—Summit Resident
Above LEFT: Kate Dodd, Efflorescence at Kaus Way; Togetherness Trail by Sarah Langsam;
Aurora Robson's Troika on the Village Green; RIGHT: Kelsey Montague's pair of wings,
"What Lifts You?"; Tom Fruin's stained-glass "light house" Maxikiosko at City Hall.
Your Guide to the Season!
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“In times of social isolation, we all need the creative
distraction artists provide. Art is an essential service."
–Artist Donna Dodson

“Particularly at a time like this, we need art to help us stay in touch with our community." –Resident

"Truly one of the best perks of living in Summit is
the public art displayed. Thank you and looking
forward to the next installation!” –Resident

"The artists and work you support is soul lifting!" –Resident
Summit Public Art Needs You!
As a 100% volunteer-run, donor-funded, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, we rely entirely on the generosity of our community to provide the public art and community projects that you, your families, and visitors to our town enjoy on a daily basis. If you would like to help us continue to enrich and inspire our community through public art, please click on the button below.
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