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Philip the Evangelist and the Prophetic Ethiopian Eunuch 
This past Sunday--the 5th  Sunday of Easter (May 2)--we heard the account of  Philip’s baptizing the wealthy man known only as the Ethiopian Eunuch.   St. Richard’s Tuesday evening Bible Study is focusing on Acts, and we recently discussed the passage that includes the Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch,

 It dawned on me that I’d missed something important.   Who is this unnamed man? What is the impetus for the Eunuch to read Isaiah 53?  What is his history and why is Philip called by an angel to baptize this Eunuch?   Finally, how is the Eunuch connected to a major part of St. Richard’s mission? I tried to tackle what I could and hope you find it interesting.    You may have some surprises awaiting you! 
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