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Summoning the Divine Meditation:
St. George & the Faith of Prince Philip

Here’s an unusual 3-page Summoning the Divine Mediation that entwines the lives 0f St. George, patron saint of England and Prince Philip, who was laid to rest on April 17, 2021. Also included is an Icon of St. George.  St. George is venerated in the Greek Orthodox Church in which Philip was baptized. Philip worshipped in that tradition along with the Anglican Tradition. The connection between St. George and Prince Philip is one of deep Christian faith and meditation.

Although we know little about St. George, he became known for his valor, courtesy, and prowess in slaying a dragon (also a symbol of Satan). He is believed to be a Christian martyr whose head was cut off at the order of the Roman Emperor. Prince Philip lived a life of service, great good sense, and quiet leadership.   

Some years ago, Sheila and I were blessed to tour Windsor Castle and to enter St. George’s Chapel. Last Saturday, I was moved by the Anglican readings, the superb choristers, and the solemnity. The most amazing thing was that Prince Philip created his own funeral service and plans from the olive Land Rover he had designed that served as his funeral hearse to the music, hymns, readings, and pageantry

I’ve included a You-Tube link to Psalm 104 sung by the choristers during the funeral service as well as several of the readings, prayers, and the Commendation. Since the American Episcopal Church is loosely linked to the Anglican tradition, I thought you’d welcome a chance to mediate on one (or more) of the service readings. They are quite beautiful. --Pam

Below is the link to the 4 funeral choristers singing Psalm 104. The words of the Psalm along with the You-Tube link are available in the attached reading.

Psalm 104:  Praise the Lord, O my soul!

Link to Psalm 104:  http://chantblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/anglican-chant-vi-lincoln-cathedral.html. Written as an Anglican Chant.
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