May 2018 - In This Issue:
Legislative Roundup

Despite a short legislative session, McDowell Jewett was involved in a number of issues on behalf of our clients: 

CARA. For the fourth year in a row we supported the CT Automotive Retailers Association with its efforts to prevent Tesla from implementing a risky direct sale model in Connecticut. The Association supports more than 270 dealerships throughout Connecticut with a focus on jobs and the future of our state's economy.

Expanding Protections.
The CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) successfully put an end to Connecticut's dual arrest policy - further protecting victims of domestic violence. Governor Malloy is expected to sign the measure into law.

New Funding.
Message was a key to the winning argument for the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk (above). The aquarium is expected to receive $34.5 million in state funding to update its facility, including: a new walk bridge over the Norwalk River, and improvements to the IMAX theater and the popular seal exhibit. This was a complicated case involving local, state and federal government. At stake was the future of a beloved Connecticut institution. We can't wait to see the transformation.

New Ideas. The Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth prompted important conversations at the state capitol by introducing recommendations for a more competitive Connecticut. Some of the final proposals were included in this year's budget. Read the details here.  

Everyone asks....
Many who visit McDowell Jewett at our Hartford office across from Bushnell Park admire and ask about the building. Others stop and take photos as they pass by.
It is small and quaint and surrounded by more modern structures. It has a great view of the capitol dome pushing over the park's treetops, but when our office was built there was no state capitol. 
36 Trumbull was constructed in 1870 as a three-unit apartment building but was converted to office use in 1924. In 1925 the Charity Organization Society purchased the building using a bequest from the late insurance executive John Webster - which is why "Webster Memorial Building" is carved in granite over the front door.
The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and we are proud to be part of 36 Trumbull's history.

John Chang - Chairman Greenskies
Shining a Light 
An interview with John Chang, Chairman of Greenskies

With the summer sun soon upon us, MJC sat down for a conversation with John Chang to discuss his clean focus for the future of Greenskies. 

Greenskies, located in Middletown, CT, is a vertically-integrated, solar partner, dedicated to quality and operational excellence. Unlike other developers, we plan to own and operate for the long-term. Backed by Clean Focus group, we bring large company value, while retaining the flexibility to transact quickly and explore unique opportunities.

Describe what Greenskies does?
The Clean Focus group of companies originates, develops, finances, constructs, owns, and operates renewable energy projects.  As a core company in Clean Focus group, Greenskies originates, develops, finances, constructs, and maintains solar systems in the United States. Greenskies focuses on commercial, industrial, municipal, small utility, and community solar projects.

How is Greenskies creating environmentally friendly practices and products?
Greenskies has developed, and Clean Focus group owns, the largest C&I portfolio in the United States with over 180 MW across 320+ sites in 19 states.  We help businesses, municipalities, schools, and hospitals save energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

As a leader in the solar industry, what are some of your goals or initiatives?
We already own the largest solar portfolio in our market segments, and we intend to double our size within the next two years.

What projects are you most proud of here in Connecticut?
We help businesses, municipalities, schools, and universities reduce energy costs and achieve sustainability goals.  We are particularly proud of helping schools and government cut costs and redeploy the saved money to other impactful programs and services.

What is next for Greenskies?
Continue doing what we do best -- help our clients save money and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Scoring Big for Hartford

In April, with the help of MJC, plans moved forward for the redevelopment of Dillon Stadium. Our client, the Hartford Sports Group, plans to field a United Soccer League franchise at the new Dillon starting next year. The stadium is located in the Coltsville section of the city. 
The next big step is to name the team. Want to take part? Visit to submit your ideas. See you in the stands!