~SGH NEWSLETTER~ September 2019
A Letter From Sunshine Dave 😎~
Why are we better?

After four years of rapid growth in a gray area industry where only a few companies survive the first two years, Sunshine Global Health has risen to the top. People including our customers, suppliers and other industry associates have asked us many times...

Q."How have you managed to continue to produce a superior product and maintain the lead for such a long time in such a viable market?" 
A. The answer is very simple, "SGH provides a superior product that works!" The process of getting there and staying there is not, and has not, been easy.  
There are many reasons that we have maintained our growth and industry status, not the least of which is the dedicated people who have believed in our mission to provide the very best products to help support good health and well being to as many people as we can. Special attention and thanks goes out to Walter and James Wright, our longtime South Florida Partners, Janice Mills, Grassroots Distribution Manager, Dr. Gene Stewart our new Director of Operations, Dr. David Cheesman, Clinical Research Coordinator, Drusilla Cheesman our Director of Research and all of our supporters and many others.  

Just as important, is our long standing belief that hemp extract blends, researched, and clinically tested in the field, have been and will continue to provide answers in helping almost all ailments that plague the human body. Our Cavinol® and Kranol® Hemp Synergy compounds have proved us right for years and are backed by the testimonials of hundreds of our customers who have been with us from the very start. 
So, in closing... Why are we better? Because we try harder! What proves that we are better? Over four years of testimonials from people who needed help and got it from our products, plus, our continuous medical clinical research and testing in the field... 
Keep up the good work!

Sunshine Dave   😎
Exciting Announcements & Updates....
~What a Summer~
We're GROWING rapidly! The summer of 2019 will go down
as " T he Summer of Growth" for Sunshine Global Health (SGH).
Below are just a few reasons to highlight "WHY..."
New Research and Testing Lab~
Leading off the parade of events is the near completion of SGH’s new State-of-the-Art Research and Testing Laboratory. Utilizing Nano-emulsion multi-testing processes that reduce cannabinoids and terpenes to atom-size particles for more accurate testing and express bio-availability that guarantees accurate product testing and research, so that Sunshine can deliver the safest, purest, strongest and most effective hemp cannabinoid and terpene blends available anywhere.
Final preparations for a September 2019 opening are in progress.
New Sunshine Offices~ We have EXPANDED!
Dr. Gene Stewart, SGH Director of Operations is pleased to announce the opening of the new expanded Sunshine Global marketing facilities. The new offices are located in the same complex as the executive, service, and lab offices. This new expansion will house our marketing staff and conference room. Drusilla Cheesman, Marketing and Research Director, Dr. Gene Stewart - Director of Operations, and Jacob Funk - Rep Program Director, Safiyyah Cole- Executive Office Assistant and Marketing Specialist. ( Office Pictures to coming soon... )
Tallahassee Meeting~
It is quite an honor that SGH has been asked to participate in helping write the new rules for licensing in the State of Florida. On Thursday August 22nd a group of key SGH department heads which included Dr. Gene Stewart (SGH Director of Operations), Dr. David Cheesman (Clinical Research Coordinator), Drusilla Cheesman (SGH Director of Research), as well as Walter and James Wright (SGH Field Operations) met with Holly Bell, Director of Cannabis in the field office of Nikki Fried, Commissioner for the Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee Florida.This meeting was to discuss the new Florida rules for growing, marketing and testing CBD, Hemp and Marijuana extracts.
It was decided that Sunshine Global Health and its ' new research and testing laboratory will be able to grow, market and test cannabinoids and terpenes under the new Florida Act 1020, which was put into effect on July 1st, 2019.
Clinical Trials~
In early spring of this year, SGH formed a board of leading medical doctors, medical experts and rehab providers located in Florida, Central and South America and Europe to begin testing our products on hospital and clinical patients with a variety of diseases as well as drug and alcohol dependencies. Dr. David Cheesman (left) and Dr. Victor Charles (right) are leading the research in these clinicals. After several months of testing the results have been outstanding!

Summary of Clinical Trials~
New Specialty Products~

Kranol® Ti nctures: made especially to help with pain. This special Hemp blend is infused with an active ingredient, Kratom~
Cavinol® Golden Synergy , the first Hemp CBN Synergy blend used for maximum strength and relief~
Sunshine Solutions, a Cavinol® infused Sun and Skin Care Line formulated to insure a natural, safe and long lasting protection and a glowing tan~
(Pictures coming soon...)
Announcing: The Sunshine Club~
Simultaneously, over the summer SGH has been developing a program through its Grassroots’ Service Department, and would like to announce "The Sunshine Club!" This has been designed as a protocol program with call-in networks that are intended to help provide information of the proper strength and daily dosage of the Hemp/CBD products sold in house, that will help lead toward better health and optimum wellness.
The Sunshine Club program will allow its members to purchase from a selection of our Cavinol® or Kranol® products blended with pure, strong, and safe Hemp extracts, at a reasonable price over an adequate period, including our seasonal specials. This is a FREE MEMBERSHIP offered with a qualified product purchase, that will allow members an ADDITIONAL 10%-20% OFF their monthly retail order!

This membership will include access to FREE Newsletters, Educational Materials and Promotional Items & Goods with their monthly purchase, such as
Samples of New Products, Shampoo, Conditioner or Massage Line.
This is a FREE MEMBERSHIP (No FEE's!) and all eligible, active members will be to enter into a drawing for a chance to win a Free Vacation and Traini ng to come visit SGH's Facilities in Daytona Beach and meet our Team of Associates!
Keep a lookout for The Sunshine Club Email INVITATION and click the link that will be provided~ "REPLY~ OPT IN / MORE INFO" letting us know you are interested in learning additional details on The Sunshine Clubs qualifications....
Or kindly call our office and Enroll for FREE Today with your product purchase!
Shari Voit, Key Administrator can be reached at 833-334-1236 .

 Safiyyah Cole and Garrett Williams are our new Specialty Market and Internet Specialists , These two young people have worked extremely hard through the summer, multi-tasking on projects to provide our existing and new product packaging, website updates and print advertising.
SGH has appointed Jacob Funk, Representative Program Director, to better service stores, clinics and reps in the field. Jacob is responsible for issuing and servicing the monthly sales specials beginning in September, available to select stores and company representatives. Jacob can be reached at 833-334-1236.
(*Specials will be sent out following our Newsletter.. .)
Drusilla Cheesman has been promoted to Director of Research . She has extensive experience doing both medical and legal research before joining our team. Through i mplementing her professional capabilities, she has been able to keep our team abreast of all the latest & upcoming legal and medical advances. Cannabinoid Science is advancing at a rate never seen before!

Drusilla has been a very influential member of our team, helping to keep SGH on the cutting edge of innovation within this ever changing, fast paced Hemp Industry...
Executive Promotion~
Congratulations D'Yana !
The Sunstar Executive Department of Sunshine Global Health announces the appointment of our new Executive Assistant,
D'Yana Brown-Dawkins. D'Yana is a multi-talented computer science student at Daytona State College who is instrumental in coordinating the Executive Central Office and Field Communications among other duties.
In the Spotlight~
of the Month~

Mount of Olives Health Foods!

Panama City, FL~
 One of our most loyal associates, Daniel Sada, became our Master Distributor in the Florida Panhandle this past month. Daniel started with us almost 10 years ago when we created Virasyl® products. Not only does Daniel have one of the top health food stores in the state, Mount of Olives in Panama City, he is also known as a health and wellness guru to hundreds of people worldwide. Walter Wright, VP of Field Operations, calls Daniel "a friend, good businessman, and solid customer with vast knowledge of the health and wellness industry." We feel privileged to have Daniel as a Master Distributor of our Sunshine Global Health products.
~Store of the Month~
Happy Garden Health Food Market

Chiefland, FL~ This welcoming family run store sets its main goal to help as much of their community as possible and is ran by Lyle, Pam, and Zac Petty. 
Lyle’s near death experience in 2008 made him realize that he would have to get healthy if he wanted to live a long time. 

Zac has been following in his fathers footsteps since high school.
Then in early 2019 the family had the opportunity to purchase Happy Garden; a store that Lyle had already worked at for several years. The family banded together with their expertise in healthy living, to keep serving their community. 

They certainly hope that you have a delightful experience hoping you leave better, and more informed than when you walk in! 
~Provider of the Month~
Barbara Divincenzo, OTR.L .
FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers
Daytona Beach, FL~   SGH is happy to announce our new associate agreement with Barbara the owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers with locations in Daytona Beach and Deland, Florida.  

Barbara Divincenzo, OTR.L, has over 30 years of experience as a registered and licensed occupational therapist. She has experience with inpatient & outpatient clinics and works with patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. She practices holistic methods of treatments and strives to help her patients achieve their optimal level of function.

During hurricane Dorian she opened the Deland location to her patients and their families as an evacuation location. Barbara is a treasured member of our Medical Board, and we are glad to have her as a member of our team!
Website Revisions~
Janice Mills , Director of Client Services , announces new revisions being implemented on our website! We started making enhancements on August 20th, and will continue to bring updates over the next couple months from this new growth season.. We want to help to keep you informed on all the latest additions in products, research and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).
Be sure to check back often for new updates as we are currently under renovation!
 Website : www.SunshineGlobalHealth.com ~ Email: info@sunshineglobalhealth.com
Any questions?
Call our Customer Service Support Department,
1-800-334-1236 for more info, and you will find Janice (shown above),
Dianne Bracken, Chief Service Coordinator (Right), or others of the crew to help with answers to any questions you may have.

We will be sending out a News Flash shortly with new Products and Pricing for Fall Specials!
So long for now... and as always, THANK YOU for all your terrific support~ We hope you’re as excited as we are!

The Folks at Sunshine Global Health
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Email: info@sunshineglobalhealh.com