Earth Elements will be closed Monday, July 5th in celebration of July 4th. We will resume normal operations on July 6th.
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On June 1st Earth Elements Celebrated 8 years since we opened our doors with big visions to change the home finishing industry. We want to say thank you for another great year, especially since we all made it through a tough 2020. We look forward to what we can do in 2021 and beyond! Thank you to all our partners, vendors, employees, clients, and Earth Elements supporters for being with us every step of the way, believing in our mission, and supporting us as we continue to grow.

HEY STAN!!! Where did you get your HESTAN?

As a company, Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation. We believe a kitchen is a place of collaboration and celebration. This is evident in the name “Hestan” itself – a blend of founders Helen and Stanley Cheng’s names. It was their passion for exceptional food and wine that brought together the extended Hestan family of chefs, vintners, designers, and engineers.
After pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s, Stanley Cheng’s inventive spirit led him to the commercial kitchen. Hestan changed the game for outdoor cooking. Now, the home kitchen. Above all, Helen, Stanley, and the Hestan team delight in the details of cooking – celebrating and elevating every nuance of the culinary experience.

Earth Elements is proud to host a plethora of Hestan products, but for this month we are most proud to show off their Grills! Hestan offers Built-In Grills, Freestanding Grills, and Deluxe Freestanding Grills.
Finish your outside Kitchen with Stone!!

There's nothing like getting the fresh-cut, all-natural stone to finish out your outdoor kitchen and barbeque! Earth Elements features some of the premier suppliers for Tile and Stone. We offer products from around the world from such brands as Opustone, Daltile, Walker Zanger, Arizona Tile, and Many More! Large 24 by 48 stone pavers more your style? Giving your outdoor dining experience an earthy but clean look could be up your alley!
---Photos from Walker Zanger Tile---
Light up your life with our top picks for the Outside
Outdoor Beacon Arm Sconce
This rustic look reinterprets the old-world lantern silhouettes that offers a timeless yet relevant look. These are great for walkways, fencing, or set up around your outdoor dining!
Small Flush Mount
This compact design blends well with a simple modern and long-lasting coastal look. It's built to stand up to harsh climates in order to maintain its bold finish!
Concordia Two-Way
-Stone Lighting
This diecast aluminum with a frosted and gasketed diffuser light will create a Modern, straight and clean look to accent any outdoor patio or walkway!
Employees we love to love

Navarre Larsen
Navarre has been working for Earth Elements for the past 3 and 1/2 years as the Appliance Install Lead. Born and raised in Bozeman he is an expert on the Bozeman scene. He enjoys video games, movies, and is the Drummer in his wildly popular band BlueBelly Junction. He knows everything there is to know about the appliances we sell here at Earth Elements. In our, not so humble opinion, there is no one better in the Gallatin Valley to install any and all appliances.

Through working at EE, Navarre has explored Big Sky to the fullest! He has done everything and anything under the sun regarding Earth Elements Appliances. With his experience in the field and installing appliances, many of us joke that Navarre's title should be "situation Specialist" because of how great he is at installs as well as always offering his teammates a helping hand. His favorite grill that he has ever seen is the 36" Hestan Outdoor Freestanding Grill. If he ain't grillin' He's drumming. Shout out to his partner-in-crime Zack Schneider who is also bomb. Without Zack on the Appliance team, Navarre would have some difficulty being this awesome. Thanks, Zack!
4th of July Fixings:

Wisco Style Beer Brats and Sweet corn!
This the the quintessential BBQ meal that everyone at your 4th of July bash will get behind!

  • 2 (or more) Packs of REGULAR Johnsonville Brats
  • 2 (or more) Cans of Beer. To keep in Wisco Style, use Miller Light! otherwise, Any beer will do (Maybe not a stout)
  • You are going to want some good Cheddar cheese. Slices or block.
  • 2 (or more) Packs of Sweet Corn on the cob. It is sometimes tricky to find good sweet corn in Montana, but we have found Albertsons normally has a decent selection. (don't quote me on that)
  • 2 (or more) Packs of normal hotdog buns. Trust me, people go for the brat buns or hoagie buns, Its too much bread
  • 10-20 (or more) Baby Red Potatoes
  • 1 container of small curd cottage cheese
  • 2 containers of sour cream and onion DEANS dip
  • 2 Bags of Wavy Lays (or something similar)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Salted-Butter (actual blocks, non of that spreadable stuff)

Preparation Method: Grill Temp roughly 325-350

  1. Before doing anything. Get a large bowl. Start soaking the corn in room temp water for 20-30 minutes KEEP THE HUSKS ON.
  2. Double Layer Tin Foil Boats (look it up) After Chopping the Potatoes in Halves or Quarters, Olive oil the Foil before getting the Potatoes in there. Slap 3-4 tablespoons of butter on top of the potatoes. Salt and Pepper to your liking. These go on the grill first, as they take the longest. Going to be about 30-45 mins.
  3. Grab a big Pot. Beer in, Boil. Brats in. 10-15 minutes of boiling if at a full boil (keep an eye on it!) Crack open a drinking beer to watch the boiling beer.
  4. Corn on the Grill for a good 20-30 minutes.
  5. We have potatoes cooking, Corn a-cookin', Brats a-boilin'.Should probably crack open another drinking beer.
  6. Brats out of the beer. The Brats will look a little gray, but that's from the boiling process. Slap those bad boys on the grill! about 10 mins on the grill to finish cooking and from there it's all up to you. I personally like mine with a bit more char on them.
  7. This is where the cheese comes in. Once the Brat is essentially cooked, that's when you ask your friends, family, party attendees if they'd like a "Lil Cheddah". Place it on the brat just like you would a burger patty and once it starts melting it's ready to come off!
  8. Picnic Table Style. Open Cottage Cheese, Scoopin' Spoon in. Open Deans Dip, Scoopin' spoon in. Open Chips (put in a bowl or stay in the bag your preference)
  9. Corn Off the Grill. Take Husks off and let cool. Butter. Light salt. enjoy.
  10. Potatoes should be done at this point. Take the Tin Foil Boats off. THEY WILL BE HOT. And open them up. The potatoes should be nice and soft! Pour them into a bowl for serving.
  11. Crack open another beer and feast.
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-Quote of the Month-

"Love is in the air... oh wait, that's just BBQ"

-Booky BBQ

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