Staying Connected
SunCoast 25th Anniversary Celebration
Retreat at
Lemon Bay Park
Sock Hop Dance
Sr. Co-Pastors
Rev. Nancy Wilson
Rev. Vickie Miller
at Venice Pride
MCC General Conference
April 15, 2020

Dear SunCoast members, friends and family,

For some of us, it is more than a month that we have been “socially distancing” and staying home as much as possible. We hope that you feel the arms of SunCoast MCC and the arms of a loving God embracing you everyday.

We are doing our best to stay in touch and you are doing that too! Worship unites us, the opportunities to learn and connecting builds us up.

We are in a new era in the life of our world. We have to learn new skills and learn how to keep our spirit’s up. Still, SunCoast MCC remains strong and renewed.

The Bible often counsels us to, “encourage one another.” Let’s devote this week to encouraging each other, our families, friends and co- workers. We are here for you. We miss you. Thank you for encouraging us! Blessings to you, your friends and family! 

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Nancy Wilson | Rev. Vickie Miller
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