February 2016 Newsletter
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Maricopa County Home Show 

SunHarvest Solar had the opportunity to exhibit at the Maricopa County Home Show this past month. We were greeted with happy faces, past clients, new clients, and numerous other friendly and inviting vendors. All three days provided us plenty of time to discuss solar with anyone who was willing to listen. We
would like to congratulate Alan and Lisa Bulfin, the winners of our raffle for the $50.00 Visa gift card and two Diamondback tickets! Thank you for participating and a big thank you to everyone who came out and spent time with us! Supporters like you are what make events like these worth it.     

Rooftop solar is dead in Nevada. Is Arizona's future at stake? 

A shocking decision by Nevada's Public Utility Commission last week gave NV Energy, the state's only power company, permission to charge higher rates and fees to solar consumers. The increase more than triples the previous rates, it's retroactive, and it just killed a burgeoning industry.
Las Vegas gets more annual sunshine than both Phoenix and Tucson. Nevada was home to 111 solar companies, employing 5,900 people with a living wage. Three national solar companies have already released public statements indicating they are pulling out of Nevada due to the commission's decision. The largest one, with layoffs totaling 550 skilled jobs, will likely be relocated to more sustainably-minded and solar-friendly states. What's to happen to the remaining 5,350 high paying, skilled jobs if there are no roofs to install solar on? It will be interesting (and disheartening) to see what happens.
As the owner of SunHarvest Solar, I personally had the opportunity to expand my business from Phoenix into the Las Vegas area two years ago. During my business research, I learned that the Hoover Dam is in real trouble because of drought conditions being exasperated by climate change. I learned that "Lake Mead has a 50-50 chance of drying up by 2021, given current trends," according to Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Hoover Dam serves 8 million people with clean power, but that number has been 25% less since 2000. I learned that the use of Natural Gas is up to 63% of all power production as of 2014, and Nevada has a Renewable Portfolio Standard to be 25% Renewables by 2025. Due to the environmental conditions coupled with the unpredictable politics and power of the utility monopoly, my conclusion was that Nevada was not a sustainable market to enter with confidence. As I receive calls from Nevada solar industry executives looking to liquidate solar panels from their supply, I feel relieved we had some foresight in the matter. 

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World News

Growth for Energy Storage in the UK

The way the UK saves energy is changing rapidly. In just two years, they have managed to cut emissions by 23%. Currently, they're working out a plan that would allow them to be coal free by the year 2025. "With minor regulatory changes, however, the installation of batteries into the distribution network could also become a major contributor to increased grid flexibility, whilst also increasing capacity for more renewable generation."
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DC Circuit Court Denies Stay on EPA Clean Power Plan

After the enactment of the Clean Power Plan, several states, political groups, and fossil fuel producers made attempts to try and stop the the implementation. Luckily, the Court of Appeals denied this action and the plan will move forward as designated. The outcome is a huge win for everyone, but in the years to follow, the case is expected to be reopened in court several more times. 
Energy Tips for February

  • Use a ceiling fan to help cool air rise.
Ceiling fans adjusted to turn counterclockwise push cool air up off the floor. Turn the fan on and watch the direction the blades turn. If they're turning clockwise, turn the fan off and get out a stepladder. Find the adjustment switch on the head at the center of the fan. Slide it in the opposite direction, and then move yourself and the ladder out of the way. Turn the fan on and make sure the blades are moving counterclockwise.    

  • Bake in glass and ceramic pans.
Glass and ceramic pans transfer heat very efficiently. You can turn down the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and the food will cook in the same amount of time. 

" Pay it Forward "

Earn $500 for Every Customer Referred

Share the benefits of clean solar energy to help protect the environment, build a more sustainable future, and save homeowners money by our initiative to "Pay it Forward". When you refer SunHarvest Solar to another customer, whether it be friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, you can earn $500 per referral.  Learn how to pay it forward!

Power the Positive

Our Charity Initiative

A $250 charitable donation will now be made for every solar system sold by SunHarvest Solar! By going solar with SunHarvest, you can score a triple-win for yourself. One for you,  one for the planet, and one for a non-profit organization that you choose from our list of selected charities.

If you are part of a nonprofit organization, or know of one that may be a good fit, please contact Gary Held to find out how to participate in our program and truly 
power the positive !

As one of the top solar energy companies in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar takes pride in helping residents convert to a greener and cheaper source of energy - the sun! 

Did you know that we are a l ocal , independent, sustainable  solar  contractor? When you support us, you help support your local economy. We are proud members of Local First Arizona.

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