June 2016 Newsletter

SunHarvest Solar News

SunHarvest is Proud to be a BBB Torch Awards Finalist  

Last month, SunHarvest Solar was named a finalist in the Better Business Bureau's Torch Awards for Ethics. Though we didn't win this year, the recognition for our values-based business was truly an honor and we're incredibly grateful.
The BBB invited owner Brandon Cheshire to talk about what it means to have an ethical company. 

To watch Brandon's interview, click here.

We're looking forward to another year of hard, ethical work in solar energy! 

Brandon Cheshire's Myths and Facts Surrounding Solar Presentation

Last month, Brandon gave an amazing presentation at CO+HOOTS on solar energy. 

The engaging presentation on the myths and facts surrounding rooftop solar in Arizona was a huge success.
Every day people from all over the Valley stopped by to learn a little more about solar energy. After the presentation, a group-wide conversation and Q&A took place. 

Are you interested in having Brandon give this presentation to your group? Contact Stacey Champion via email by clicking here.

The Temperature is High, but Your Power Bill Doesn't Have to Be 

Have you started sweating yet? It seems that the inevitable summer heat has reached us. Before you know it, those ridiculous energy bills will be coming your way. 

Why not save some dough? Click here to receive a FREE no-obligation quote from SunHarvest. Solar panels are an amazing investment. Do your part to make the planet a little brighter. 
Arizona News

Ducey Signs Bill Redefining Conflict-of-Interest Rules, Allowing Utility Regulator to Vote    

Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed a bill that will allow Arizona Corporation Commission member Andy Tobin to vote on matters involving SolarCity,where his son-in-law works in a warehouse, and Cox Communications, where his brother works.

The family relationships were considered a conflict of interest by the commission's ethics attorney, but a bill passed by the Legislature redefined such conflicts.


How Much Power Do You Use at Home? Not Knowing Could Cost You

We were experimenting to see how much electricity we could use at once. The special meter on loan from Salt River Project told us we were doing a pretty good job. But we had run out of major appliances, lights and devices we could turn on to draw more power. A pot of water boiled on the stove, a hot iron sat unattended in another room, the air-conditioner and clothes dryer roared away, and my 6-year-old dutifully ran the vacuum through the playroom while keeping an eye on the energy meter glowing red on the table.


Protesters clash over APS proposed rates

Protesters, including a few dressed like the Monopoly board game mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags, debated solar energy on a hot Phoenix sidewalk Tuesday in reaction to rates proposed by Arizona Public Service Co.

About 60 members of the Sierra Club and other groups, as well as employees of SolarCity Corp., chanted and choreographed a clash with men dressed as the Monopoly character, who pretended to represent the "dark-money billionaires" who support APS.

World News

World's Largest Commercial Rooftop Solar Array is on a Shopping Mall in the Philippines

A shopping mall in the Philippines now boasts the  world's largest commercial rooftop solar array , which generates 2.9 MW of  clean energy  to help run the mall's operations. The project is also the biggest private solar power system designed for self-consumption in the country. 

The Philippines-based property developer behind the venture, Robinsons Land, has plans to add rooftop solar panels to its other retail centers, for a total of 12.5 MW by the end of this year.

Indian Solar-Powered Tuk Tuk Driving To Europe For EV Rally

The 2016 WAVE Trophy electric vehicle rally will be beginning just a few weeks from now - on June 11th, in the German city of Bremerhaven - giving enthusiasts from around the world the opportunity to showcase their vehicles.

The rally will see participants travel over 1,000 miles - from Bremerhaven, through the Alsace region of France, and all the way to the United Nations center in Geneva, Switzerland. The rally has stops in 60 cities along the way scheduled.

Energy Tips for June

Let these tips save you some dough!

  • Turn Up the Heat!
We're not crazy. We want you to the temperature on your AC unit when you're not home. Never leave the AC running when you're out. It takes a large amount of energy to keep your AC running all day. 85 degrees is the best to leave it at. 
  • Cooking Energy 
Try not to use your oven on particularly hot days. An Arizona summer is mostly hot days, so that may be a moot point, but if you can, use the stove or microwave instead. The oven will significantly increase the heat in your home. 
"Pay it Forward"
Earn $500 for Every Customer Referred

Share the benefits of clean solar energy to help protect the environment, build a more sustainable future, and save homeowners money by our initiative to "Pay it Forward". When you refer SunHarvest Solar to another customer, whether it be friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, you can earn $500 per referral.  Learn how to pay it forward!

Power the Positive
Our Charity Initiative

A $250 charitable donation will now be made for every solar system sold by SunHarvest Solar! By going solar with SunHarvest, you can score a triple-win for yourself. One for you,  one for the planet, and one for a non-profit organization that you choose from our list of selected charities.

If you are part of a nonprofit organization, or know of one that may be a good fit, please contact Gary Held to find out how to participate in our program and truly 
power the positive !
As one of the top solar energy companies in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar takes pride in helping residents convert to a greener and cheaper source of energy - the sun! 

Did you know that we are a l ocal , independent, sustainable  solar  contractor? When you support us, you help support your local economy. We are proud members of Local First Arizona.

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