Attention SRP Customers: Request your ballots TODAY!

The future of clean energy in Arizona might be looking brighter come April, as five new clean energy candidates are running for seats on the SRP Board of Directors in the current election which ends on April 3, 2018.  

Customers who receive a monthly bill from SRP and own their home or other property within the SRP area are eligible to vote in the election. Only residential customers can vote, and APS customers who live in the SRP district may also vote in the election if they own their home (even if you do not have SRP power service). In order to vote, you must request a ballot from SRP. You must request your ballot by March 23 and mail it back by Monday, March 26. Click here to request a ballot and for more information.

Legislative Alert: APS attempting to upend constitutional amendments and clean energy ballot initiative 

If passed, striker-bill HB 2005 would make any violation of the constitutional renewable energy standard amendment a civil penalty. That means if utility companies violate the proposed mandate, they would have to pay a one-time fine that could be as little as $100, and a maximum of just $5,000. These fines are easily affordable for huge corporations like APS, and therefore would impose little incentive for the company to comply with renewable energy standards. 

Click here to urge your legislators to vote no on HB 2005. Stay tuned for updates on this important Arizona energy story. 

Petition sparks fight for APS rate hike rehearing

In August 2017, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved a $95 million rate hike on 1.2 million APS customers. The utility company said customers would see a 4.5 percent increase on their bills after the rate hike, but many said the increase on their bills has been much more.

In December of last year, a petition was started asking the Corporation Commission for a rate hike rehearing. The petition has gained over 2,700 signatures, and sparked a formal complaint case aiming to demand a rehearing.

The complaint is currently moving through the Arizona Corporation Commission.  There is a procedural conference hearing scheduled for Wednesday, March 28 at 10:30 a.m. at the Arizona Corporation Commission, located at 1200 W. Washington Street in Phoenix. Stay tuned for updates, and follow this link if you are interested in donating to the legal fund .  

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In Other News...

IRS Letter on Home Batteries Could 'Open Floodgates for Residential Storage Retrofits'

Via Greentech Media, by Jeff St. John

A private-letter ruling says it's OK to add a battery to your rooftop solar system and get the 30 percent ITC - as long as it only charges from the sun. The Internal Revenue Service has indicated that federal solar tax credits extend to battery systems added as retrofits - a policy that could "open the floodgates" for residential solar installers eager to add energy storage to their mass-market offerings. 

Solar Tax Credits and Exemptions Available to Arizona Residents

It's no secret that going solar can save you money on energy bills, but did you know it can also save you money on taxes? At both the state and federal levels, there are tax exemptions and credits that can help you save big after switching to solar power.

Solar Energy Myths and Facts

When it comes to solar energy, there is no shortage of misinformation. If you are considering going solar, don't let misconceptions hinder your decision-making. 

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It's about to heat up in the Valley! 


Save money and stay cool by installing energy efficient lighting. Approximately 90 percent of the power consumed by incandescent lights is emitted as heat - that means only about 10 percent is emitted as light.  

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