May 2016 Newsletter

SunHarvest Solar News

Brandon Cheshire Speaks at Save Our Solar AZ Press Conference 

Last month, SunHarvest Solar owner Brandon Cheshire spoke at the Save Our Solar AZ press conference. Though the referendums are off the table for now, Brandon's speech struck a chord with friends of solar energy and the community as a whole.

A petition was filed to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot, the Arizona Solar Freedom Energy Act to go head-to-head with two utility-backed rival ballot measures. 

Before that could happen, roof-top solar and the utilities came to ceasefire for now. Both sides agreed to work on a compromise.

To watch Brandon's speech at the press conference, click here.

SunHarvest is Hiring!

Are you looking for a new job and also want to help make the world a little brighter? SunHarvest is currently looking for solar installers who can start immediately!

Installing experience is preferred but we can train. Pay is based on experience. The job is full time with benefits. Some travel may be required.

For more information, click here.

Introducing New Energy Saving Products!  

We are excited to introduce our new line of energy saving products that will help you reduce your electric bill. These products will reduce kilowatt hour consumption whether you have solar from SunHarvest Solar or not.

For more information, click here.

Myths and Facts Surrounding Solar

Please join Brandon Cheshire Wednesday, May 25, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at CO+HOOTS, owner of SunHarvest Solar for an engaging presentation on the myths and facts surrounding rooftop solar in Arizona. 

Presentation will be followed by a Q & A opportunity and refreshments will be provided.

This is a free and open to the public presentation, though space is limited, so please RSVP here.

Arizona News

Solar Advocates Take Office at SRP    

Three new Salt River Project board members took office Monday, including Nick Brown and Paul Hirt, two advocates for solar power who want to increase the public utility's use of renewable energy.

The clean-energy advocates were motivated to run for the board after the board members in February 2015 approved higher rates for solar customers.


Rooftop Solar Cease-Fire Takes Ballot Measures Off Table for Now

The rooftop-solar industry and lawmakers negotiated a cease-fire of sorts on Thursday,  dropping their competing ballot efforts to change the state laws on solar subsidies .   

They also agreed to work on a compromise between utilities and solar-leasing companies.

Solar-leasing companies were seeking to change the state Constitution to benefit their business model, and in response, lawmakers were seeking changes that would have harmed the solar companies.

World News

Record-Breaking Solar Prices in Dubai Prove Cheaper than Coal

Dubai set a new solar price record in January 2015 with bidders offering rates of  5.85 cents  for another part of the park, but the city was upstaged by first Peru and then Mexico, who set the most recent record  last month . The new price of 2.99 cents is  15 percent lower  than the Mexico record.

Last October Dubai commissioned a coal power plant set begin operating in 2020. It is expected to generate electricity at prices of  4.501 cents per kilowatt-hour, making solar power at the 2.99 cents bid about  one third cheaper than coal.

IKEA Starts Solar Panel Sales in UK Stores

IKEA  is making it easier for homeowners to go green. The Swedish giant has teamed up with  solar  company  Solarcentury  to sell  rooftop solar panels  at Solar Shops in UK stores. The initiative launched today in three IKEA stores and online, and will roll out in remaining branches over the summer. 

Based on IKEA's research, one third of homeowners in the UK want solar panels installed on their home, with 60 percent motivated by reduced electric bills. According to IKEA, solar panels could slash homeowners' electric bills by around 50 percent.

Energy Tips for May

Let these tips save you some dough!

  • Change Your Filters
We're guessing you've already started using your AC. That's okay, it's getting pretty warm out there, but when was the last time you changed your air filter? Keeping your air ducts clean will keep the system running efficiently, saving you costs in the long run. 
  • Turn the Fans Off
Yes, you read that correctly. We want you to turn your fans off, when you're not in the room, of course. Ceiling fans and floor/desk fans cool the person, not the room. So, when you leave, be sure to turn them off because running them costs money. Every penny counts right? 
"Pay it Forward"
Earn $500 for Every Customer Referred

Share the benefits of clean solar energy to help protect the environment, build a more sustainable future, and save homeowners money by our initiative to "Pay it Forward". When you refer SunHarvest Solar to another customer, whether it be friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, you can earn $500 per referral.  Learn how to pay it forward!

Power the Positive
Our Charity Initiative

A $250 charitable donation will now be made for every solar system sold by SunHarvest Solar! By going solar with SunHarvest, you can score a triple-win for yourself. One for you,  one for the planet, and one for a non-profit organization that you choose from our list of selected charities.

If you are part of a nonprofit organization, or know of one that may be a good fit, please contact Gary Held to find out how to participate in our program and truly 
power the positive !
As one of the top solar energy companies in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar takes pride in helping residents convert to a greener and cheaper source of energy - the sun! 

Did you know that we are a l ocal , independent, sustainable  solar  contractor? When you support us, you help support your local economy. We are proud members of Local First Arizona.

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