November 2015 Newsletter
SunHarvest Solar News
  Expedited Installation

When a new customer gets on board for solar, we understand there might be some hesitation for fear of a long process. Here at SunHarvest, we try to push the time-frame it takes to install a system on a home. Just last month, we installed a system within  nine days of the contract being signed. That's record time in the solar industry! The install was even on a historical home - which requires special approval from the city to complete. Our crew had a great time bringing this home into the 21st Century.  Read more
People's Climate Movement Day

On October 14, our team participated in People's Climate Movement Day, where we were able to attend various events promoting the welfare of our planet. In the morning, we passed out umbrellas we donated and other necessities outside of Central Arizona Shelter Services ( CASS). We then attended a rally outside of the  Arizona State Capitol where we were able to interact with members of CHISPA to bring awareness to the community. The last event we attended in the evening, was a candlelight vigil with members of several different organizations. Read more.

Act On Climate Arizona - Our Moral Obligation
Taking place this Saturday, November 7th, we'll be joining a diverse group of faith-based and environmental organizations, social justice advocates, business owners, and academic and municipal leaders to send an urgent message in preparation of the Paris Climate Talks to act on climate. We hope to see you there, and it's FREE to attend. More Details.
World News

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology put up a water purification system back in 2013 that used solar power to generate electricity in Mexico. After two years, the remote Mexican village was able to enhance the system, even doing business by selling purified water to nearby communities.
A remote Mexican village, known as Calakmul, has been producing clean drinking water with system made by researchers from the MIT. Read more

The United States is on track to hit a big number in renewable energy: More than 1 million American homes should have solar panels by February 2016.  While solar still makes up a  tiny part of the sliver of renewables that power the US, it has increased exponentially in the past decade. And the solar industry is poised to keep growing in the decades to come. In 2006, only about  30,000 homes had solar panels. 
Energy Tips for Novermber
  • Run major appliances at night. 
Appliances, such as the dishwasher, washer, and dryer, generate heat when they're operating. At any time of year, it's much cheaper to run these at night after the outdoor temperature has dropped. On a cool summer night, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to supply cool air to a house warmed by appliances. On a cold winter night, your running appliances will give your heating system a boost. 

  • Take advantage of the sun in the winter.
On sunny days, open the blinds and drapes on the south and west sides of the house. The sun will help warm the rooms at absolutely no cost to you as long as you remember to close them when the sun sets.

"Pay it Forward"

Earn $500 for Every Customer Referred

Share the benefits of clean solar energy to help protect the environment, build a more sustainable future, and save homeowners money by our initiative to "Pay it Forward". When you refer SunHarvest Solar to another customer, whether it be friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, you can earn $500 per referral.  Learn how to pay it forward!

Power the Positive
Our Charity Initiative

A $250 charitable donation will now be made for every solar system sold by SunHarvest Solar! By going solar with SunHarvest, you can score a triple-win for yourself. One for you,  one for the planet, and one for a non-profit organization that you choose from our list of selected charities.

If you are part of a nonprofit organization, or know of one that may be a good fit, please contact Gary Held to find out how to participate in our program and truly 
power the positive !

As one of the top solar energy companies in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar takes pride in helping residents convert to a greener and cheaper source of energy - the sun! 

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