School is out, but SunRail is running, so today SunRail welcomes young passengers to dress like their favorite U.S. President and ride SunRail to our Haul of Presidents event at the AdventHealth station between noon and 3:00PM.
Downtown Campus Opens August 2019 
The SunRail stop at LYNX Central Station is a short walk to the new downtown campuses of UCF and Valencia.
SunRail to OIA - Updated Connection Times
"Train to Plane" or the SunRail to OIA connection via LYNX, has been updated with three routes to better serve airport employees and travelers.
New FREE service connecting Kissimmee
The Kissimmee Connector is a FREE shuttle service and operates Mon-Fri between 6:00AM – 8:09PM as a continuous loop.
New service area for Tupperware Station NeighborLink
The NeighborLink 632 shuttle, stationed at the Tupperware station bus loop, began servicing the new Orlando Health ER and Medical Pavillion
Purchasing, Reloading and Replacing your SunCard
Reloadable SunCards are the best option for routine riders. Prepaid Value plans with a 10% load bonus and travel plans are available.
SunRail Etiquette & Rules of Conduct
SunRail wants to ensure all of our passengers have a memorable and comfortable experience onboard and at our stations.
Many companies offer their employees transit benefits. Is your company one of them?
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