As we've noted recently, the U.S. Distributed Energy Resource industry is being reshaped in 2020 by technologies that are mandated by the National Electrical Code and the IEEE 1547.1-2020 standard. These changes represent a challenge to the industry that SunSpec and its members are determined to face head on.

In that context, we are happy to announce that the SunSpec Cyberguardians initiative has expanded the array of educational courses it offers on NEC 2017-mandated rapid shutdown technology, the IEEE 2030.5 communication protocol, and cybersecurity. Registration is open now for these courses through the University of California San Diego Extension program. Those that complete the courses receive UCSD and NABCEP credits. If you are SunSpec Alliance member or a military veteran and want to enroll, please contact us to receive a special discount code.

You will also notice that SunSpec TV continues to pump out new, exciting content. Our debut series for this fall focuses on cybersecurity. Five episodes of a seven-part series have been released. SunSpec members can access them by logging to the SunSpec member portal at
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Finally, the SunSpec Certified program continues to gain momentum with two new companies completing certification this month. We thank those companies and all SunSpec members for your engagement and enthusiasm as we continue to build the SunSpec interoperability ecosystem!

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SunSpec Cyberguardians Fall Recruitment Webinar
Join us on September 1, 2020 from 10:00 - 11:00 am PDT for the SunSpec Cyberguardians Fall Recruitment Webinar. This webinar will discuss hiring options for Member companies as well as career opportunities for veterans and industry professionals though the SunSpec Cyberguardians program. Topics to be discussed will include the following:

  • Fall 2020 Courses
  • Available Certifications
  • Hiring Potential
  • Veteran Scholarships
  • Career Opportunities
  • How to Get Hired

If you are interested in participating in the webinar as a featured employer, please send an email
Fall 2020 SunSpec Cyberguardians Courses
Now Open For Registration

All new SunSpec Cyberguardians courses for Fall 2020 are now open for registration through UC San Diego Extension. Members of the SunSpec Alliance will receive a 20% discount on standard course pricing and military veterans may be eligible for scholarships.

To receive your discount or scholarship, inquire about becoming a Member of the Alliance, or join SunSpec Cyberguardians, contact us below!
PXiSE Energy Solutions Earns First IEEE 2030.5 Server Certification for DER Management System
"PXiSE recognizes SunSpec’s work on the IEEE 2030.5 standard as a game-changer for the entire power industry. The PXiSE team is proud to join our industry colleagues as members of the SunSpec Alliance to continue driving standards in the industry and working together to build an increasingly renewable energy grid for the next hundred years."

Read about PXiSE's recent IEEE 2030.5 Server Certification here!
AlsoEnergy Collaborates with Inverter Manufacturers to Deliver Proven Rule 21/IEEE 2030.5 Solutions
As a SunSpec certified CSIP 2030.5 Aggregator, AlsoEnergy is approved to provide telemetry and SCADA solutions for Rule 21/IEEE 2030.5 projects. The company is now collaborating with several leading global inverter manufacturers as they seek CSIP certification for their devices in the SunSpec testing process.

Read the full article here!
Submit Your Member News
As a Member of the SunSpec Alliance, your news and updates are valuable to the SunSpec ecosystem. We invite all Members to submit press releases, events, and news updates to us via the Member Portal on our website. We will do our best to promote relevant items through our channels and media outlets in hopes of growing the ecosystem and expanding the Distributed Energy industry.

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We are proud to welcome two new Members to the SunSpec Alliance this month!
Rectify Solar
Rectify, LLC is a family-owned business with offices in Indianapolis and Ellettsville Indiana and Campbell, California. With a heritage of 750+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, Rectify strives to promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and helping their customers to save money with solar installation, battery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, insulation, roofing and more.
ZJBENY is one of the leading manufacturers of DC Products for PV, such as DC combiners, DC solar isolators, DC circuit breakers, DC surge protection devices, DC fused, DC connectors, and rapid shutdown devices. With more than 25 years of experience in traditional electrical, ZJBENY now provides powerful support for the renewable energy industry.
SunSpec & Sandia Cybersecurity Webinar Recap
On July 15, 2020, SunSpec Alliance and Sandia National Laboratories hosted a webinar led by Dr. Shamina Hossain-McKenzie on the "Proactive Intrusion Detection and Mitigation System for DER Cybersecurity" project. Click here to watch the full webinar!
Cybersecurity for Distributed Energy Resources Webinar Series Recap
What constitutes “security” and why does it matter to the DER industry? What are the mandates driving the need for cybersecurity solutions? How do you implement proper security in Internet of Things (IoT) and device ecosystems? This three-part webinar series from 2019 covers some of the basic concepts behind network cybersecurity and the need for a scalable solution at a time when autonomous devices are increasingly Internet-connected. Click here to watch the full series!

Certificate Number: CS-000023
Manufacturer: PXiSE Energy Solutions, LLC
Profile: Server
Products: PXiSE SEP2 Server

Certificate Number: RS-000011
Manufacturer: Canadian Solar Inc.
Profile: Transmitter
Products: PV RSD System Eq.-Transmitter
Upcoming SunSpec Work Groups

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