It is harvest time in North America, and soon families will be gathering to give thanks for all the abundance we enjoy. In this spirit, I would like to personally thank each of you for the great work you are doing--with SunSpec and on your own--to help build the robust Distributed Energy Market that is rapidly developing. It’s not easy reforming the global energy economy and saving the planet, but if it were easy it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding.

As we near the end of 2019, many companies are preparing to have their Distributed Energy communication solutions certified to the new market requirements that are coming in January 2020 (IEEE 2030.5/CSIP, for California Rule 21 compliance) and in the 2nd quarter of 2020 (IEEE 1547.1-2018 communication interfaces, for U.S. national standard compliance). SunSpec is working feverishly with our Authorized Testing Laboratories to accommodate all of our members needing this service. If you have a product that needs SunSpec Certification for CA Rule 21, please visit our certification resources page as soon as possible and get into the queue.

An important aspect of data communication is the security service that supports it. If you are interested in this topic, please consider joining the SunSpec/Sandia Cybersecurity Work Group or the SunSpec Blockchain Work Group (featured in this issue), or ask us about the SunSpec Public Key Infrastructure initiative.

Kind regards,
Tom Tansy
SunSpec Alliance
SunSpec Starts Blockchain Work Group to Protect IEEE 2030.5 Certificate Supply Chain

The SunSpec Alliance and members Doosan Gridtech, Kitu Systems, and Wivity announced the creation of the SunSpec Blockchain Work Group on October 28. The work group will create requirements and specifications for a decentralized application to protect the security credentials of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems such as solar PV systems and electric vehicles. 

Since DERs are expected to play a large role in energy generation, the need to protect against potential threats is high. The work group will initially address the threat of supply chain attacks that compromise security credentials. Its recommendations will be released in early 2020.

“This industry has already done a lot to secure DER technologies, but as they get deployed in the field it is critical to extend the same level of protection to operational aspects,” said Gordon Lum, CTO of Kitu Systems. 

The work group is led by Jörg Brakensiek of Wivity and participation is open to all SunSpec members. Interested parties should contact . The first workgroup meeting was held on October 29. Three meetings have been held so far and four additional meetings are scheduled in 2019.
Ready to take your distributed energy resource (DER) and data communication education to the next level? Registration is now open for Secure Communication Networking for Distributed Energy Resources ; an online, accredited class offered through UCSD. Classes begin January 14th and university credit is available!
Welcome New SunSpec Member

Welcome new member of the SunSpec Alliance, Volterion !

Volterion develops and produces high-performance Redox-Flow stacks and Flow-based energy storage systems for use in both industrial and home energy solutions. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and is now based in Dortmund, Germany – with a motivated team that holds more than 25 years of Redox-Flow experience and a competent network of R&D and industry associations.
PV Operations USA Conference Recap
SunSpec had the opportunity to participate in the PV Operations USA conference, a Reuter’s event, on November 6th and 7th in San Diego. This event was well attended by the leading DER asset owners, managers, and researchers in the north American market--and will be a good place to be next year.

Hot topics at this year’s event included spare parts management, optimizing O&M costs and resources over broad geographic areas, and the “digitalization of PV operations.” This set of trends is intriguing because it reflects the operations research performed by the SunSpec Alliance (in conjunction with fellow PV Operations speakers Andy Walker of NREL, Thushara Gunda of Sandia, and Jon Previtali of Wells Fargo--pictured below) over the past several years. The next time you visit , search for “best practices for operation and maintenance,” “cost model,” or “Orange Button” to get up to speed.
Andy Walker
Thushara Gunda
Jon Previtali
Wells Fargo
S4x20 Conference
January 20 - 23, 2020
Miami, Florida

Join Tom Tansy at S4x20 in Miami South Beach for a conference dedicated to optimistic, forward-looking, creative, robust security, ICS, and IoT. Tom will be presenting on January 21st on the topic of cybersecurity considerations for California Rule 21. If you plan to attend, contact for a discount code.
Help Shape SunSpec’s Webinars in 2020

The SunSpec team is currently developing our 2020 webinar schedule. We would love to hear from you on what webinar topics would most interest you. Please take two minutes to complete the following survey and make your voice heard. We want 2020’s webinars to be relevant, timely, and most of all - helpful. | 408-217-9110 | View as Webpage