Thursday, March 19, 2020
We join together to encourage spiritual growth, 
build a beloved community, and act for peace and justice.
Sunday, March 22
10:30am One Service (online-only)

"Kindness, Courage, Connection, & Creativity
amidst Coronavirus”
A four-part sermon by
Rev. Carl,
Intern Minister Jen,
Rev. Scot Hull, &
UU Seminarian Julia Jones

with special music by Bill & Lisa Bromfield

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Friendly Forum (online-only) returns this Sunday!
Special Guest is Maureen Walker, program administrator of SHIP (Student Homeless Initiative Partnership,
Friendly Forum is also online-only & open to all through:

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UUCF Groups Go Online!

The following groups are going online, live-streaming with participants. These activities are online-only & open to all:

Thursday, March 19
7:00 p.m. UU Buddhist Meditation Group  (online-only & open to all) through The group listens to or reads from a Buddhist teaching, discusses the teaching, and meditates. No experience or preparation required—come as you are! For more information, or to be added to the weekly group e-mail list, contact Lynn Wagner at

Friday, March 20
10:00 a.m. Yoga for Advancing Beginners   (online-only & open to all) , details at . Feeling stressed? Try yoga! Yoga for Beginners offers an accessible pace of basic yoga poses appropriate for beginners or anyone looking for a focused, mindful yoga practice. Feel free to contact Irene with any questions at . Suggested Donation to UUCF: $5 per session.                           

Saturday, March 21
7:45 p.m. UU Pagan Open Ostara Ritual   (online-only & open to all)

Tuesday, March 24
10:00 a.m. Yoga for Advancing Beginners   (online-only & open to all) , details at Feeling stressed? Try yoga! Yoga for Beginners offers an accessible pace of basic yoga poses appropriate for beginners or anyone looking for a focused, mindful yoga practice. Feel free to contact Irene with any questions at . Suggested Donation to UUCF: $5 per session.    
Friday, March 27
7:00 p.m. UU Pagan Legends Lodge Tavern   (online-only & open to all) , details at  f

To discover what UUCF activities are accessible online, check our UUCF homepage at !

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From the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA):

March is Stewardship Month!

Amidst societal upheaval, we need each other more than ever--even at a physical distance. In this season of your life, are you able to support UUCF as we seek to support and sustain a beloved community for such a time as this?

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General Announcements
Nominations for UUCF's Split-plate Recipients are Open: Nomination forms can be found on UUCF's website at . (Deadline: Sunday, April 5.) On the third Sunday of each month, half of our undesignated collection is donated to the named charity or non-profit organization. 

Retired UU Men Eating Out (RUUMEO) meetings are suspended until further notice.

UUCF 2nd Annual Summer Camp:  Monday, June 29 - Friday, July 3 (9am-3pm). Childcare until 4pm for a fee. For: rising 1st-6th graders as campers, 7th-9th graders as "Counselors in Training,” 10th-12th graders as Counselors, Adults as volunteers. Theme: "Nature Nuts"—experience beloved community while running, playing, digging, exploring, gardening, & learning about our interconnectedness with nature! Cost: $130 ($110 for each additional 1st-6th grader); $85 for CITs. For more info or to register: .

Registration for the Circle of Life Cooperative Preschool is now open! CLC is a UU preschool for 3 and 4 year-olds (as of Sept. 1, 2020) offering small class size, family involvement, organic snacks, outdoor play, and green practices. Enrollment applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis for congregation members and returning families only through January; registration will open to the public February 3. Enrollment forms can be found on CLC's website, , or on the hallway bulletin board outside room 119, and can be turned in to the church office or lock box. For more information or to schedule a tour, email .
How to #UUtheVote Without Leaving the House

We looked at our  50+ Ways to UU the Vote  and suggest :
  1. Visit Vote Forward to send letters to unlikely or unregistered voters.
  2. Go to Reclaim Our Vote to make calls to voters who were purged from the rolls.
  3. Consider small group meetings instead of large gathering or gather online using zoom, google hangout, or slack.
  4. Set a date for your congregation to watch Suppressed: The Fight to Vote by Brave New Films or the movie Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook (available on some streaming services, including Amazon Prime) from each individuals home then hold a group conference call to debrief together.
  5. Call your legislator to advocate for paid sick leave and relief for affected workers—not a bail out for the fossil fuel industry. Call (202) 224-3121 to be connected. 
  6. Spend the time to brainstorm who in your life to engage in values conversations with. Start making those calls and texts. See page 27 in our launch guide.
  7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper with your opinion of how the pandemic is being handled and what you would like to see our elected leaders do.
Moments like these are actually why it’s so crucial we have elected leadership who hold our values of beloved community, welcome and sanctuary, accountability and transparency. We want a country that responds with empathy rather than fear; we hope we can all find a way to do so. In closing, we want to share this  prayer/poem  from Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, which so perfectly captures our aspirations:

this is the part where we commandeer cruise ships for people migrating to feast at all you can eat buffets and party pool side and then split the corporate profits with the staff, right?

this is the part where we teach ourselves how to make our own medicine - the kind from herbs and grandma's recipes and vaccines and antivirals and insulin and epipens too, right?

this is the part where we open our spare rooms to the college student whose school is closed and the asylum seeker who just got out of detention, and our co-worker who just got evicted and the queer teen who needs a place to crash, right?

this is the part where we feed lunch to the kid whose school is cancelled and text the people who can't be in public spaces anymore and we breathe, right?
this the part where we introduce ourselves to our neighbors we've been living next to for 10 years because tomorrow we might need each other, right?
this is the part where we ask "what do i really need for surviving?" and find a way to seek no more and no less, right?
this is the part where we stay home, we cancel, we show up, we call, we fight, we let go, we stay, we don't let anyone go it alone, right?
this is the part where when we say we, we mean: we elderly, we immunocompromised, we sick, we well, we in prison, we free, we who can buffer our way out with money and privilege and we who definitely can't.

This is the part where we call, we fight, we don’t let anyone go it alone, right?
Community News
The Maryland General Assembly has approved critically important legislation introduced by House Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson that will establish dedicated funding for the Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board. This measure will allow the Board to generate the revenue it will need to sustain and expand its work by assessing a fee on pharmaceutical corporations, pharmacy benefits managers, insurers, and related entities. We urge Governor Hogan to sign this measure into law.
From our friends at the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs (Frederick, MD):
Good day friends, 

Through this uncertain and unprecedented time The Religious Coalition faces an additional complexity for those we serve. As you may know, The Coalition is the largest shelter provider in the county, and because of that we also have more people regularly in communal sleeping areas than in ANY other organization or shelter in the area. This presents an extraordinary challenge. 

Although some guidance from the CDC has come in, there aren't a lot of specifics for how to manage a population as complex and in-need as that of our homeless residents. Given the close proximity to each other and the variety of preexisting health issues, we must act quickly and comprehensively to address the needs of the homeless and most-vulnerable. 

To that end, we are engaging in continual conversations with health officials and partner shelter providers to put together the best plan as is possible. Our mantra follows many others: "Don't panic, but don't take this issue lightly." 

I'm emailing you today to ask for your help. Because this virus defies convention, we must plan unconventionally. We are seeking help with supplies, people to provide transportation, and volunteers to assist shelter operations. Because a potential "lock down" looms, and given that few have experienced this before, we are unsure of what to expect. So the best we can do is prepare for as many realities as we can. 


We know supplies are at a premium, but we are asking for any considerations that you or your congregations may have by way of protective equipment. Gloves, masks, and bleach top the list, but we will happy to receive any supplies that you can afford to spare. Water, noodle cups, and hygiene supplies may also become a need when/if a shelter in place order is given. 

Our staff and volunteers will be on one of the many front lines of this crisis, and you all may know certain items cannot be ordered. Your considerations for supply help are immensely appreciated. 


We are working with local officials to bring together a process by which any homeless clients who test positive for the illness are provided an isolated space. This will have a significant impact on transmission if we are able to segregate positive cases from the majority of the homeless population. 

We are additionally asking/seeking alternate spaces, whether in partner hotels and/or congregations who'd be willing to house a segment of the healthy population, or congregational spaces or hotels that'd be willing to house ill residents. 

In this light, we are seeking volunteers who'd be willing to help on a night-to-night basis outside of the normally scheduled volunteers, with individual shelter operations or with the transportation logistics to get healthy residents to accepting locations.

Please note that if you or your congregations are currently volunteering at the Individual or Family shelters, please reach out to Kavonte Duckett, Emergency Shelter Director at 301.473.2743 or at or Neil Donnelly, Emergency Family Shelter Director at 240.271.2150 or . We will likely be altering the normal volunteering time frames and roles, so please make contact for more information. We will be sending some of this same information digitally to our volunteers, but we want to make sure we reach everyone. 

Unconventional is what we do well, but this is new territory. The plan and our actions are subject to sudden changes as the issue evolves. We humbly ask that if ever there was a desire to help this Coalition, we need it now more than ever. 

We also ask that you distribute this message throughout your congregation and share with colleagues, networks, faith leaders and partners. While this message will go out to 200+ of our partners, we certainly appreciate if you'd widely share the need.

If anyone is interested in assisting efforts, please reach out to me either by email at  or directly by cell at 240.344.3723 and I'm reachable, if not in meetings, at any time of the day. 

I thank you all for the support you've given The Coalition in the past and look forward to our partnerships in the future. I wish you all a safe journey through this uncertain time.