"God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile"
Max Lucado
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We are coming into the happiest and most jolly season of the year, Christmas. It is first and foremost a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This was God’s gift to a world under the curse of sin and eternal condemnation. This gift of a baby born to a woman from the seed of God Himself (Holy Spirit) would become the means of salvation from sin and eternal death unto soul cleansing and eternal life. This was God’s sacrificial gift of love to us.,
We joyously celebrate that birth event at this time of year on December 25th. Events that are truly worthy of the celebration of Jesus include His birth, death, resurrection, and ascension back to heaven. However, the church has been slack in teaching the history and origins of His birth and the celebration of it. Much ignorance (lack of knowledge) of it persists still today.
The lack of knowledge and understanding is often used by cults to undermine a person’s faith and re-direct them into a cult. Jehovah’s witnesses especially use this tactic by attacking people’s belief that Jesus was born on December 25th. We shall therefore examine the truth about Christmas and Jesus’ birth so that we do not become victimized by such subversive motives.
We must realize that regardless of what part of the year Jesus was born (and it was not December 25), the important matter is that we are commemorating the fact that God’s gift of love, His only begotten Son, was to redeem us from sin and bring us into the family of God (and the Kingdom of Heaven). This is the reason for the season.

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We often pray for God to show us his plan and tell Him that whatever it is we will do. Then, when things start to change around us, we wonder what in the world is going on.
I will illustrate it this way. Have you ever worked on a 500-piece puzzle? I have done several. I always start by finding the pieces that make up the straight edge.   They are easier to find than the rest of them. You lay them out and connect them together as you can. Then you look at pieces that have common color and sort them out. Little by little the puzzle starts taking shape, but it doesn’t happen immediately. You have to work it piece by piece. 
The same is true when God is given permission to bring change into our life. We may not understand what is going on when things seem all mixed up, as we yield our lives to the master puzzle solver, then God starts putting things together so that “whole puzzle” will come together. Little by little, as we permit Him, He will l start rearranging things in our lives so they “fit” together. 
Often, a piece in a puzzle is so much like another piece that we put it into the wrong place. Then things do not come together. We may have to look at each piece carefully again to determine our mistake. When we find it, and remove it, then find the right piece, the puzzle starts coming together again. In life there is the same application. There are those that try to fit in where something is missing but find out that that’s not where they belong! We often think something goes one way, but God has a different plan. When we realize it, we repent and allow Him to show where things fit together. 
I have bought puzzles (mostly used) that had a piece missing, and you don’t realize it until you are almost finished putting it together. A missing puzzle piece is a frustration. You can’t finish it. In life, there are missing puzzle pieces also. There are those that are the missing piece in someone else’s puzzle. By not yielding to God’s plan, we may keep their life’s puzzle from coming together. 

Then there is the mystery puzzle which is the body of Christ. We could compare it to a gigantic puzzle. Unlike a man-made puzzle, the pieces of this puzzle are constantly growing as each soul is added to the kingdom of God through salvation. God makes each of us a unique piece fitting into the place made for us and us alone. We make the puzzle come together when we join ourselves with others. This unity brings strength to the whole puzzle! This is the way the body of Christ should be working. When you find your place then stay there until God chooses to move you. If you don’t stay where God has placed you, then the whole puzzle becomes weak and can come apart.

Whichever type of puzzle that you find yourself in, whether it be in your life’s puzzle, the body of Christ’s puzzle or any other puzzle, remember it takes time and patience to put things together properly. Take each “puzzle piece” of life and treasure it as you put it together! Be blessed

The Seven Prayer Mountains
For those of you that missed Russell's excellent series on the Seven Prayer Mountains click the link below to read them all on our website. It is under the Title "The Seven Prayer Mountains". It lists all 11 of the articles which you can read individually

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Who was the only President to get married in the White House?
Andrew Jackson
Grover Cleveland
James Buchanan
William Henry Harrison

What President of the U.S. never married and remained a lifelong bachelor?

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James Buchanan

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James Buchanan

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Martin Van Buren

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A little Inspiration

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers
Apostle Pat Murray

The promise you’ve been holding onto may have been delayed; But just know in your heart that it has not been denied. “Though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Hab.‬ ‭2:3‬b) Have a blessed day.
As little children you were taught to Stop! Look! Listen! So, I would say unto you, my children, that today you would Stop and take time to Look unto me and Listen to what I have to say. 
There are many voices speaking today, and many are listening to these voices, but I would say to you, Stop! Look to me! Listen to what I have to say. I am the one that will guide you into all truth by my Spirit. I am your high tower and strength. I alone will be the comfort that will sustain you in the times of trouble. I am your rearward and I am your armor. I am all that you need in this hour saith the Lord. Have you taken the time to Stop, look and Listen? 
Have you taken the time to come apart and hear what I would say to you personally? I would say there is much happening in the spirit realm because there have been many words spoken that are rising up and falling flat because they are not of me. See these words as distractions from your hearing from me, and me alone. Many are looking unto the one that delivers words instead of the one that would speak the words directly. 
Take heed, for all that say peace and safety surely are not of me. For this is a season that will be bring greater change than you have ever seen. I would say that the furnace is heating up so the gold can be truly refined. I would say this is the hour to be sharpened so you can be used by me to take the truth to those that need to hear it. 
For, I would say again Stop! Look! Listen to me for I will guide you into all truth if you take the time to do it saith the Lord.
Look Close at the picture and you will see the entire life of Jesus
How many loaves and fishes did the boy give Jesus that fed the multitudes?
Five loaves and two fish
Seven loaves and three fish
Six loaves and three Fish
Two loaves and one fish

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And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God.
Luke 1:30 KJV
According to John 3:16 Jesus is the only "--------"Son of the Father?
First Born

What does God do with a branch on his vine that does not produce fruit?

The correct answer is:
He takes it away

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He takes it away (John 15:2)

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He prunes it (those that bear fruit he prunes John15:2)

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