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Join us this Sunday at
7:00am, Kalama Beach Park
10:00am, Kaneohe Atrium #303
We are a Vibrant & Thriving Spiritual ʻOhana!
Sunday, February 9
Sunday, February 9, 7am 
Every 2nd Sunday!  
Join us for the  Second Sunday Celebration Service  at the Beach
248 N Kalaheo
Spiritual Message with Rev Geo 
Join us on the beach for song, celebration, & a spiritual message  
at Kalama Beach Park 7:00am
Join us on the beach for song, celebration, & a spiritual message  at the Beach 
Kalama Beach Park
248 N Kalaheo
Join us at the Beach !
The Universal Christ
A Sacred Wholeness
with Rev Geo Downer
Sunday, February 9
7:00am Kalama Beach Park 248 N Kalaheo
10:00am in the Sanctuary 46-005 Kawa Street #303
 Wholeness always expresses in each of us! Sometime comfortably, and sometimes, not. God, as principle, and as Christ is living in you embracing the entirety of existence, which in Unity we call the Christ or wholeness. This Sunday, let’s lift each other up to embrace every expression of Allness. We’ll explore the Universal Christ in wholeness and at depth. Now, we can stop thinking in terms of separation or lack or absence, and instead affirm God’s presence here and now! 
Tuesday, February 4, 6:30PM 
Basic Manifesting 101:
Create More of What You Want
Suggested Love Offering of $20
with Carolyn Jaynes, MA
Does what you want suddenly manifest into your life, as if by magic? If not, do you know you have the power to attract more of what you want by creating it with your thoughts? Hear stories of how easy manifesting can be and learn how to envision, focus, believe, and embody the truth of your good coming into being. You are worthy and deserving of what you want. To manifest, you will learn practical tools to live more from your creative imagination, rather than from your present or past. Manifestation skills shift your consciousness to allow much more positive outcomes. This really works!
This event offered for a love offering  
Tuesday, February 4, 6:30PM 
Fasting & Feasting 2020
Available for you to request now,  Fasting and Feasting 2020: A Spiritual Practice for Lent  encourages you to fast from what does not serve you and feast on what is good. 
With essays by contemporary Unity authors and Sunday readings by two leading Unity thinkers —Revs. Eric Butterworth and James Dillet Freeman— this collection inspires you to your best life.
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5 Week Series in February!
The Universal Christ
how a forgotten reality can change everything
a 5-week series, February 2 - March 1
The first basic Unity principle declares the presence of God everywhere, and never absent. Unity as a movement travels this same mystical tradition of first century Christians, seeking to discover, live, and embody this experience of Oneness. The spiritual journey of seeing God in all things is a healing passage taking place in our world today. Contemplative Christian practice and experience is the spiritual pathway claimed by our Unity movement from its very beginning. Although, some traditionalists marginalize the mystical tradition, those in this practice come to the same unitive consciousness and awakening to Reality that has been good news for centuries of mystical application. Join with us for 5 Sundays to delve and dive into a Gospel as a living relationship within the Source of all things.
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The Universal Christ
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2020 Vision-ing
with Gloria Corea
Join us for a fun, interactive, joy-filled time to express your life’s vision through a variety of creative expressions...
Some supplies will be provided &/or
bring your own creative items
Love Offering
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During the Christmas Season, many members of Unity Windward assisted with the Salvation Army's Angel Tree
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good comes to us and is here, now.
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Join us in affirmative prayer every day at Noon. Through creative thought and a statement of spiritual Truth, we realize our divine potential, and release any limitation.

God is our never-ending Supply. Our abundance of health, wealth, and blessings radiates and circulates in shimmering light. Unity Windward is brilliantly blessed in the light of infinite possibilities. Grateful beyond measure we stand!