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Sunday, February 4
St. Isidoros of Pelusium
February 10 - St. Haralambos the Great Martyr
The holy, glorious Martyr Haralambos lived at the time of the Emperor Septimus Severus (194-211) in the city of Magnesia on the River Meander near Ephesus. He was 107 years old and had ministered as priest to the Christians of the city for many years, devotedly instructing them in the way of truth and preaching Christ to all, regardless of the threats of the pagans.
When he was denounced as a dangerous mischief-maker and brought before the tribunal of the Governor Lucian, he responded to his threats in these terms, “You little know what is for my good and well-being. Nothing could be more pleasing to me than to suffer for Christ. So don’t hesitate to put my old body to the tortures you deem the worst, and you will learn that the power of my Christ cannot be overcome.” He was then stripped of his priestly robe by the tormentors, who tore his flesh with iron claws without being able to elicit a single cry of pain from him. On the contrary, he said, “Thank you, brothers. In flaying my old body, you are renewing my soul and preparing it for everlasting blessedness.”
When the Governor saw the steadfastness of the old man, far from repenting and giving glory to God, he hurled himself at him in uncontrollable rage, tearing at his skin with his bare hands. Then, by an act of God, his hands were suddenly severed and remained claw-like and lifeless on the Martyr’s body. Moved to pity by the tyrant’s cries and supplications, Saint Haralambos gave himself to prayer and obtained his healing. This astonishing miracle and demonstration of the love of Christians for their enemies brought Lucian, as well as the tormentors Porphyrius and Baptus, to believe in Christ God and to renounce the cult of idols. Three women onlookers also rushed forward and fearlessly proclaimed their faith. The grateful Governor was immediately baptized by the Saint and a great many inhabitants of the province of Asia were won for Christ.
When the Emperor Severus learned that the inhabitants of Magnesia and the surrounding country were abandoning idolatry and receiving holy Baptism from the old priest who had been condemned to death; that the blind were recovering their sight at his prayer and the crippled were walking, he was very troubled indeed. He immediately sent 300 soldiers to Magnesia with orders to bring the Saint, nailed and chained, to Antioch in Pisidia where he was residing. The soldiers treated the old man very badly on the road, until the horse on which they had set him suddenly uttered a condemnation of the Emperor as an enemy of God, and of his soldiers as slaves of the Devil—to the great terror of the military, who for the remainder of the journey did the Saint no harm.
As soon as the venerable old man was brought before him, the Emperor had him thrown into a blazing furnace with a long skewer through his chest. However, the fire went out as soon as it touched the Saint who, to the Emperor’s astonishment, remained insensible to what he suffered. What was the secret of his invulnerability, the tyrant wanted to know. “The power of Christ!” replied the Saint. Severus then put this to the test and presented him with a man possessed by a demon for thirty-five years. The Saint drove out the unclean spirit with a single word. Severus next produced the corpse of a young man about to be buried. After addressing a fervent prayer to God, Saint Haralambos gave the youth his hand and, to the Emperor’s amazement, raised him from the bier as though from sleep.
Then the Prefect Crispus shouted, “Your Majesty should put this sorcerer to death straight way!” At this, the Emperor’s hatred broke out again and he commanded Saint Haralambos to sacrifice to the idols. On his refusal, he ordered them to break his jaw with stones and to set his beard on fire. But God acted once again. The flames turned on the tormentors and the place where they stood was shaken by an earthquake.
Lifted up off his throne and suspended in the air, the Emperor was whipped for a good while by unseen angels. On learning of his predicament, his daughter Galinia confessed Christ as Almighty and came to implore the holy Martyr to release her father from chastisement. This he did; but the Emperor’s amazement at the power of God was short-lived, and he soon returned to his idolatrous madness. Despite the remonstrances of Galinia, who reminded him of the divine blessings which had lighted on him, he kept Saint Haralambos in custody and had him tortured anew. He also turned on Galinia and threatened her with death unless she sacrificed. She made as if to obey but, on entering the temple, she threw the statues to the ground and broke them in pieces. Severus sent to the foundry to have new statues cast, but she shattered these too, so that he became a laughing-stock.
Severus then made a last attempt to break the instigator of his daughter’s conversion. But Saint Haralambos withstood every device of his tormentors with adamantine fortitude and all the onlookers were dazzled by the brilliance of Grace. He welcomed the death sentence with joy, and, on reaching the place of execution, he raised his hands and eyes to heaven. He thanked God for having brought him to the issue of his contest, and he asked Him to grant salvation of soul, health of body and abundance of good things in the name of His Martyr. A voice from heaven was then heard. “Come Haralambos, valiant in fight, to share in the joy and splendor of the Martyrs and holy priests!” His head fell beneath the sword on February 10 and his body was buried by the blessed Galinia.
The skull of Saint Haralambos is kept at the Monastery of St. Stephen at Meteora. The fragments of his holy relics, which are to be found in many places in Greece and elsewhere, accomplish frequent miracles and have made Saint Haralambos, the most aged of all the holy Martyrs, especially dear to the people of Greece.
Epistle and Gospel Readings
Epistle Reading
Gospel Reading
Memorial Donations for the Bithos Family
Our Parish will be taking a special collection to support the Bithos family who lovingly shared Fr. Steve with our community for almost 30 years.

If you would like to contribute, you may:

+drop off a donation at the drop-box in the narthex

+Mail a check to the church office indicating Fr. Steve in the memo line

+Give on givelify

We will be taking collections until February 29.

Sunday, February 4
Isodoros of Pelusium
Prosphoro: Ann Haywood
Memorial: Tzoylia Tzonihakis
Trisagion: John Ross Anthos
Coffee Hour: Jonahakis & Anthos Families

Monday, February 5
Agatha the Martyr
5:30pm Adult Greek School

Tuesday, February 6
Photios the Great Patriarch of Constantinople
6:00pm Philoptochos Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 7 (Strict Fast)
Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsacos
7:00pm Bible Study, in person and on Zoom!

Thursday, February 8
Theodore the Commander & Grat Martyr

Friday, February 9 (Strict Fast)
Leavetaking of the Presentation
7:00pm Great Vespers @ St. Haralambos in Niles

Saturday, February 10
Hieromaryr Haralambos
8:30am Matins
9:30am Divine Liturgy

Sunday February 4
Ephraim the Syrian
Prosphoro: Ann Haywood
Memorial: Tzoylia Tzonihakis
Trisagion: Ross John Anthos


Friday February 9
Eve of St. Haralambos, Great Vespers @ St. Haralambos in Niles 7:00pm

Sunday February 11
16th Sunday of Matthew
Memorial: Demetrios Pouloudis
Prosphoro: Kathy Macris
12:00pm - AHEPA Super bowl party

Thursday February 15
Kali Parea - Movie Afternoon

February 16-18
Midwest YAL (Young Adult League Conference)

Sunday, February 18
Sunday of the Cananite Woman
Prosphoro: Nancy Roechner
Memorial: Katina Hondros

Sunday, February 25
Godparent Sunday
& Families for Fanari Spaghetti Luncheon
Prosphoro: Canela Christos

Sunday, March 3
Sunday of the Prodigal Son
40 Day Blessing: Christina & Aikaterina Kidonakis
40 Day Blessing: Tina & Kiaan Theodoropoulos
Bible Study

This week we are reading Matthew Chapter 11
Youth and Family Events
Mom's night out has been a blast, our next one will be a family bowling night @ Town and Country Lanes. Stay tuned for deatails.

  • Session 1:      Sunday, June 16 – Saturday, June 22, 2024
  • Session 2:      Sunday, June 23 – Saturday, June 29, 2024
  • Session 3:      Sunday, June 30 – Saturday, July 6, 2024
  • Session 4:      Sunday, July 7 – Saturday, July 13, 2024
  • Session 5:      Sunday, July 14 – Saturday, July 20, 2024
Families for FANARI

Families for FANARI exists to make sure that ALL children are able to attend FANARI camp regardless of means. Last year, one week of FANARI camp costs over 800 dollars. In order to receive a camp scholarship from Families for FANARI, students are expected to participate in their fundraising efforts. If you are planning on attending FANARI camp this summer, and would like to participate in Families for FANARI, please call or text DeeAnna VonHolton at 815-922-3529.
Click the link to the right in order to submit you special occasions to share with the community via our new online form.
OR contact the church office to share your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement, birth, baptism or any other celebration or accomplishment with our community! 815.722.1727

February 4:
Tzoylia Tzonihakis - 40 Days
Ross John Anthos - 1 Year (Trisagion)

February 11
Jimmy Pouloudis -40 Days

February 18
Katina Hondros - 40 Days

March 10
Fr. Stephen Bithos - 40 Days

"Movie Night"

We will be watching a Greek Movie and enjoying Snacks.

February 15
Dates available through October!
It's a wonderful way to greet your fellow parishioners, or commemorate an anniversary, birthday, family milestone, or memorial. Offering to host it with friends or another family makes the effort easier and more enjoyable.

14: The DeJarld Family
21: Philoptochos
28: Denise Vershay

4: Jonahakis & Anthos Families
11: Pouloudis Family
25: Families for Fanari
Please, pray for the health and protection of our beloved parishioners:
Thelma Theodore, Esther Anthos, Athena Christos, Elaine Koliopoulos, Michelle Kooy, Vange Policandriotes, Dempsey Taylor, Mary Tucci, and Margie Walsh.

Let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.
Holy Father, Great Physician of our souls and bodies, You sent the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only-begotten Son, to redeem us from sin and death and to heal every illness. Heal the sickness of Your servant’s body and soul and give them life. For You alone are the source of all healing, O God my God, and we give glory to You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

*contact the church office if you would like your loved one to be added to our prayer list*
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