Cookie SegelsteinKlezmer Dance Band:
Adding the Lift to Dance Tunes  
Cookie Segelstein
presented by
Sunday, April 15, 1-4pm
1835 Ellis St. (near Pierce St.), free parking
San Francisco

Playing in a band for a klezmer dance party is a fun collaboration between dance leader, dancers and musicians. Yet it's rare when dancers, leader and musicians seem in sync. We will cover the main dance rhythms, and explore rhythmic techniques to put the necessary lift in the music, to facilitate a lively dance party. Also: how to put together a medley, when to change rhythms, when to end the set, and developing signals between band leader and dance leader.     

All ages & all acoustic instruments welcome. For intermediate level players or above. Share the FB event page with your friends!

Tickets at the door $25 (or whatever you can pay), cash or check only. Light refreshments included.

Please RSVP (tell us what instrument you play) or just show up.

Free Tickets! Bring someone who has never come before, and you get a coupon for a free future workshop! Such a deal - a real metsieh!

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