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Join us this Sunday at
7:00am, Kailua Beach Park 248 N Kalaheo
10:00am, Kaneohe Atrium #303
We are a Vibrant & Thriving Spiritual ʻOhana!
This Sunday, March 10
Sunday, March 10
Spiritual Message with Rev Geo
Rivers of Living Water 
7am Kalama Beach Park, 3/10
10am In the Sanctuary, 3/10
Spirituality has often been likened to the flow of water. Divine flow moves us in life to where our soul most wants to go. This true flow can sometimes be an experience of an easy life, and it can sometimes appear to be a life of difficulty. If we’re willing, we can shift our attention and our awareness to a natural divine flow with attributes of spiritual awakening. When facing any challenge, we can refuse to panic and see that life is not over. Life flows on. Life’s natural flow is a river of living water that moves as a gentle current in life when we love “what is,” yet also know its impermanence. As we submerge and rise, there’s no need to hide our head in the sand. Every experience is meant to be lived, to float with the currents running through life all the time. Join us this Sunday to flow in the rivers of living water.
Join us this Sunday!  
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Fasting and Feasting
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Unity Windward
Join us 9:00am, Thursday, 3/7 AND Thursday, 3/14 for 
New Members Orientation
2 Thursdays, March 7 and 14,  9:00am 
in the Sanctuary
Attend both meetings and learn more about Unity, how to become a member, and take the opportunity to become a member of Unity Windward. 
(Joining is not required) 
This is an informal and informative way to enjoy fun and fellowship!
Would you like to know more about Unity? Would you like to become a member of Unity Windward?
Join your spiritual community as an outward sign of your commitment to spiritual growth! Becoming a member is a tangible declaration of aligning with inner transformation.
in the Sanctuary at 9:00am for 2 Thursdays
Our Theme for March is
Creating Community
10am In the Sanctuary, 3/3
For EVERY Month in 2019,
Unity Worldwide Ministries has selected
a monthly theme that numerous
Unity churches rejoice in together!
We'll celebrate together into new possibilities!
Join us this Sunday!  
Second Sunday Beach Service
7:00 am at Kalama Beach Park
Kalama Beach Park
248 N Kalaheo
Join us on the beach for song, celebration, & a spiritual message 
at Kalama Beach Park 7:00am
Our Annual Theme for 2019 is
One Humanity,
Every Sunday in 2019
Sometimes it is said that if you knew another person’s story, you couldn’t help but love them. Each of us has known hardship and heartbreak, just as each of us has known joy. Some people have overcome unimaginable adversity while others seem to have been blessed with all a human being could ever want.
Yet a greater story overarches them all: We are all one. Despite the appearance of separate bodies, individual personalities, and different pursuits, we are one humanity. Like a prism divides light into a rainbow of colors, we humans express God in infinite ways. One God,
one humanity, many stories.
One God, one humanity, many stories.  

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Join us EVERY Sunday!  
Candlelight Yoga & Theta Meditation
with Susan Choy
4 Tuesdays, March 12 through April 2, 6:30pm
E njoy a soothing, candlelit flow of evening postures aimed at freeing body and mind of hidden tension. Slow-flow practice includes deep stretch and breath-work for relaxation, guided meditations for manifestation.

All levels welcome for a love donation...
Yoga mats, blocks and blankets available, & you're invited to bring your own.

Taught by Su Choy, Certified 500 hrs Kripalu/Pranakriya Yoga/Meditation Instructor
Love Offering
Gateways Yoga
In the Sanctuary, EVERY Friday, 11:30
New Program of Fusion!

Gateways is a powerful fusion practice combining Qi Gong, Yoga/Pranayama, and the Tantra of Sound, which all create greater harmony and balance in our lives.

Raise frequencies, expand consciousness, and invite new
spiritual panoramas to unfold.

Use sacred vowel sounds and mantras to align the nervous system and chakras… Sonic tools of crystal bowls, gongs, and tuning forks deepen the tantric effects.

Recommended for all Seekers desiring to know themselves more fully.
Every Friday,11:30am
ACIM, EVERY Thursday! at 11am
with Course Student, Alan Lemieux

This is an “open sharing” group format with “cover to cover” reading of the Foundation for Inner Peace (blue book) edition of A Course in Miracles.
Facilitated by Course student, Alan Lemieux
Every Thursday, at 11:00 
in the Sanctuary!
Every Thursday in the Sanctuary at 1:00pm from Paul Selig
I AM the Word
In a series of enticing, irresistibly practical dialogues, the Guides of I Am the Word identify the emotional "boulders" that displace our authentic selves and consume our potential. The Guides provide to-the-point psychological and existential insights, along with self-developing exercises and affirmations, which begin to strip away residues of fear, self-doubt, and self-suffocating habits. 
The channeled Guides of I Am the Word provide a concise and immensely powerful program in self-awareness that can ease negative complexes and align your existence with its highest purpose.
EVERY Thursday, 1:00pm
The Way of Mastery
3:00pm EVERY Thursday
The profoundly rich 12 lessons of The Way of the Heart are the first of 35 formal lessons given by Jeshua ben Joseph during the years 1995-1997.
The deep spiritual insight, knowledge, and lovingkindness contained in this volume guides and inspires you to living a life of Unconditional Love !

Join us in the Sanctuary at 3pm on Thursdays for The Way of Mastery discussion group.
All are welcome!

The Way of the Mastery is like nothing you’ve ever experienced; It can transform your life… if you let it. Will you? The principles, wisdom, and techniques offered in this material, if you choose to fully engage with them, will transform your life and bring you to peace and harmony.
Every Thursday, 3pm
Acoustic Alchemy
Mantra Meditation
Kundalini Kirtan
Saturday, March 16, 4:30pm
Chanting is an alchemical and transformative experience that is grounded in many ancient traditions.

Chant to experience an immediate inner shift!

All are welcome! Chanting creates a quick, direct line to Source that clears and energizes you from inside. Come and chant with us! Skill and experience are NOT required. Mantra works whether you are loud, soft, silent, in tune or totally off key. It's the vibration that counts!
Saturday, March 16, 4:30pm
In Home Book Study at the Home of Buster & Norma Forbes- 8:30am! Join us for fun and fellowship every 
1st & 3rd Saturday Call  (808)247-5450
Book Study-   In the Flow of Life 
by Unity author, Eric Butterworth
Saturday, March 16, 8:30am
Join in the fellowship and fun, as we apply timeless spiritual principles to everyday life. Explore and experience the spiritual teachings of well known Unity authors and examine ways to live in the relevance of spiritual teachings today!
Saturday, March 16, 8:30am
God is our inexhaustible resource!
All of our needs are instantly,
constantly and bountifully met!
From every direction our abundant
good comes to us and is here, now.
Unity Windward
is supported by people just like you, acting as expressions of God's abundant bounty!
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'Olelo Channel 55 
Every Saturday Evening at 10pm & 1st & 3rd Friday at 7pm

Many thanks to Dolores Becker for producing our 'Olelo Broadcasts

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Join us in affirmative prayer every day at Noon. Through creative thought and a statement of spiritual Truth, we realize our divine potential, and release any limitation.

God is our never-ending Supply. Our abundance of health, wealth, and blessings radiates and circulates in shimmering light. Unity Windward is brilliantly blessed in the light of infinite possibilities. Grateful beyond measure we stand!