Weekly Update
Sunday, November 19
9th Sunday of Luke
Obediah the Prophet

Stewardship Sunday
November 21 Entrance of the Virgin Mary into the Temple

According to the tradition of the Church, the Theotokos was brought to the Temple at three years of age, where she was consecrated to God and spent her days until she was fourteen or fifteen years old; and then, as a mature maiden, by the common counsel of the priests (since her parents had reposed some three years before), she was betrothed to Joseph.
Epistle and Gospel Readings
2nd Sunday of Luke
Epistle Reading
Gospel Reading

Sunday, November 19 (Fish, Wine, Oil Allowed)
Obadiah the Prophet
8:15am Orthros
9:30am Divine Liturgy
Coffee Hour: Loukoumades for Stewardship Sunday
Prosphoro: Ann Haywood
Memorial: JoAnn Honiotes 40 Days

Monday, November 20 (Fish, Wine, Oil Allowed)
Forefeast of the Entrance of the Theotokos

Tuesday, November 21 (Fish, Wine, Oil Allowed)
Entrance of the Theotokos
8:30am Orthros 9:30am Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, November 22 (Strict Fast)
Philemon of the 70

Thursday, November 23
Thanksgiving Day
Amphilochios bishop of Iconium

Friday, November 24 (Strict Fast)
Clement, Pope of Rome
6:30pm Vigil for St. Katherine

Saturday, November 25 (Fish, Wine, Oil Allowed)
St. Katherine the Great

Sunday, November 26 (Fish, Wine, Oil Allowed)
Alypios of Adriopolis
8:15am Orthros
9:30am Divine Liturgy
Coffee Hour: James P. Rousonelos Family
Prosphoro: Theodora Kalanzis
Memorial: James Rousonelos 2 years
Memorial: George Tsaliangos 3 years
Sundays: Orthros 8:15am | Divine Liturgy 9:30am
Weekdays & Saturdays: Orthros 8:30am |Divine Liturgy 9:30am

Sunday, November 26
Alypios of Adrianopolis
40 Day Blessing - Elise & Penelope Meintanis
2 Year Memorial - James Rousonelos
Coffee Hour: James P. Rousonelos Family
Prosphoro: Theodora Kalantzis

Monday, November 30
St. Andrew the First Called Apostle
(Orthros & Divine Liturgy)

Sunday, December 3
Zephaniah the Prophet
Coffee Hour: Breakfast with Santa
Memorial: Basilios Michalopoulos 80 years
Prosphoro: Joan Kappas

Monday, December 4
St. Barbara the Great Martyr
(Orthros & Divine Liturgy)
Artoclasia is offered in memory of Hellen Passas who venerated St. Barbara for many years for the health of her family and dear friends.

Tues/Wed December 5/6
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Vespers & Divine Liturgy @ St. Nicholas in Oak Lawn

Saturday, December 9
Conception of the Theotokos
(Orthros & Divine Liturgy)

Sunday, December 10
Menas, Hermogenes, Eugraphos, the Martyrs
Prosphoro: Kathy Macris

Mon December 11
Vespers of St. Spyridon @ St. Spyridon, Palos Heights

Tuesday December 12
Divine Liturgy @ St. Spyridon in Palos Heights
AHEPA Christmas Party
Philoptochos Christmas Party

Sunday, December 17
Daniel & the 3 Holy Youths
Sunday School Christmas Pageant
Memorial: 30 Years - Steve Passas
Coffee Hour: Sunday School
Prosphoro: Nancy Roechner
Parish Administration
Bylaws Review

Special note: Please submit any questions, suggestions or concerns as soon as possible, or at least by Sunday, November 19

At our Parish Assembly meeting on Sunday, November 5, a proposal was made to adopt a new set of bylaws by which to govern our parish. After a productive discussion, it was decided by a consensus of the Assembly that due to the scope of the change, we take a little extra time and provide an opportunity for more careful review.

Attached in this email you will find two documents. Clicking the images below will each open one set. First, our current bylaws/parish handbook. Upon opening the document, you will notice that the highlighted sections are the sections that function as bylaws, and have been either incorporated or amended into the new bylaws. The rest of the document will be incorporated into a handbook that can also be amended at a future date. The second document is the proposed new set of bylaws. In this document highlighted sections are sections that appeared in some way in our current bylaws. Additionally, for the most part, the highlighted sections in this document are specific to our Parish; many of the unhighlighted sections are pulled directly from the Uniform Parish Regulations of the Archdiocese, and are not changeable.

We welcome you to review both documents. Questions, issues, or suggestions may be submitted by email by replying to this message. Also, the Committee responsible for the bylaws will be available to take questions and address concerns this Sunday (November 12) during the luncheon.

Sunday, November 26 will be our Parish Assembly to discuss and ratify these new bylaws. Backup date is December 10
Parish Council Elections

Will take place Sunday, December 10 in the Church Hall.

Candidates to fill the 6 open parish council positions are:

Bill Alexopoulos
Mark Anthos
Vick Carouso
Dina DeJarld
Kristy Kauthen
Greg Kondos
Maria Meintanis
Tom Thiakos
Christina Xydis

Our Sunday School Christmas Pageant will take place on Sunday, December 17.

Our Sunday School Students have been working hard to create their own Christmas pageant. It should prove very entertaining.
Bible Study

No Bible Study Thanksgiving Week
Stewardship Appreciation Coffee Hour|
November 19

Coffee Hour on Sunday November 19 will be a Loukoumades Extravaganza hosted by our stewardship committee in gratitude and honor of the faithful stewards of our church and community.

Please join us and enjoy!
Happy birthday to Kathy Macris who celebrates on this Sunday, November 19.
Happy birthday to Tom Rousonelos who celebrates his birthday on November 24.
Happy Birthday to Karl Masters who celebrates his birthday on November 22
Click the link to the right in order to submit you special occasions to share with the community via our new online form.
OR contact the church office to share your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement, birth, baptism or any other celebration or accomplishment with our community! 815.722.1727
Upcoming Memorials

JoAnn Honiotes - 40 Days - Nov 19
James Rousonelos - 2 Years - Nov 26
GeorgeTsaliangos - 3 Years - Nov 26
Basilios Michalopoulos -80 Years-Dec 3
William E. Hondros - 1 Year - Dec 10
Steve Passas - 30 Years - Dec 17

Community Outreach
We are thankful for those who have dropped off non-perishable items for those who are in need for Thanksgiving. However, the picture above is the amount of food we've collected so far.

We are assisting 4 families and the Veterans Assistance Commission with food for Thanksgiving and we need everyone's help in our community to make this possible.

All groceries are due by this Saturday, November 18th at 10am, where our volunteers will sort and bag our donations to be delivered on Sunday. Everyone in the community is welcome to join and help us!

For those who are unable to shop but would still like to donate, monetary donations and gift cards are welcome. Contact Teddy Gaefke at 815-467-4158.

And as always, please, continue to pray for one another, as we are all one family in Christ.

Thank you and God bless you and your families this holiday season!
Thanksgiving Baskets - Due this Saturday! (Nov 18)
It's that time of year again.
Our outreach committee is once again collecting food to distribute for Thanksgiving Dinners. Brown Bags are available in Church - due back by Sunday November 18.

Monetary donations are also welcome. If you bring you baskets on Sunday November 18, feel free to include perishable items such as milk, fruits, potatoes, cheese, etc.

Join to help on Saturday, November 18 at 9:00am.
On Friday November 24 we will celebrate a vigil for the Great Martyr Katherine.

We will celebrate the Great Vespers at 6:30pm, followed by Orthros, and Divine Liturgy.

Please join us for all, or even just part of the vigil as we ask this great Saint's intercession on this the day after Thanksgiving.
Dates available through October!
It's a wonderful way to greet your fellow parishioners, or commemorate an anniversary, birthday, family milestone, or memorial. Offering to host it with friends or another family makes the effort easier and more enjoyable.
5: Frentzas & Georgouses Family - In honor of Baby Foteini
12: Veteran's Day Chili Lunch!
19: Stewardship Sunday - Loukoumades Spectacular
26: James P. Rousonelos Family

3: Philoptochos Breakfast With Santa
17: Christmas Pageant
Please, pray for the health and protection of our beloved parishioners:
Thelma Theodore, Esther Anthos, Athena Christos, Christine Karales, Elaine Koliopoulos, Michelle Kooy, Vange Policandriotes, Dempsey Taylor, Mary Tucci, and Margie Walsh.

Let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.
Holy Father, Great Physician of our souls and bodies, You sent the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only-begotten Son, to redeem us from sin and death and to heal every illness. Heal the sickness of Your servant’s body and soul and give them life. For You alone are the source of all healing, O God my God, and we give glory to You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

*contact the church office if you would like your loved one to be added to our prayer list*
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