For in this hour I shall bring division. There will be a dividing of the land. There shall be a dividing in my church. There shall be a dividing in homes like you have never seen before. For I am shaking all that can be shaken, and I am bringing to pass what I said I would refine. For many have been chosen in the furnace of affliction, but they shall come forth with more power and glory on them for they have prevailed, and have been prepared for such a time as this. I see your tears. I hear your cries, and it is time for you to rise up now, and complete the work that has been started in you. I would say it is the time to go forth and do valiantly for I am with you saith the Lord. It is time to go forth as the mighty men of old and take back what has been stolen, and bring down that which that has been builded that was not of me. It is time for my people that call themselves mine to go forth and do great exploits. For surely as the sun rises and sets, you shall see a change in one day that will bring many to their knees, so be prepared for the harvest that is to come, for I am doing a work that no man will get credit for. I will tear down man made idols and things that are not of me. I will bring forth a mighty generation of warriors that stand strong in faith and will go forth in my name and bring in the harvest. So raise up your sword, which is my word, and proclaim and decree this over your lives, for you shall go forth in my name saith the Lord.