Hello Friends!

In this newsletter there is info on our worship plans, thanksgiving for our latest workday, and prayer information - as always, scroll through to check out all the info and see all the pictures.

I don't know about you, but when I am super down and sad, I turn to music to help me rebound. A good dance party and some singing (albeit off-key) can help a soul rebound and get recentered. Thank God for music and musicians!

As luck...fate... the Holy Spirit would have it, last week I came across a new song from one of my favorite musicians. Dar Williams is a pop-folk singer that has been a fav of mine for many-many years. I love her story telling abilities and find her to be down to earth, funny, and inspiring.

Her song Today and Everyday which you can hear here, was a gem of a find last week. In this past week of rising COVID numbers, people I know and love getting sick, the struggles in Afghanistan, and news of personal tragedies for people I care deeply about, this song has been a go to reminder to not give up on hope, fight for joy, and continue working hard to be light in the world.

The last little bit of her chorus before the song ends says/sings -

Well, I know we're gonna find a way
I know we're gonna light the way
And I know we're gonna make it, but we gotta say
We can save the world today and every day
Today and every day and every day

Such a hopeful song, reminding us to be light, that we have the power to be the change we want to see, and we have the power to save the world. Of course, when I first heard this, I immediately thought, well we do't save the world, Jesus does. But then I remembered that we are asked to carry on the ministry of Jesus and participate in His saving work on behalf of the world. To put it succinctly and simply - Jesus saves, we help.

Through our actions, our words, our forgiveness, our love, and God's grace we bring light to the world everyday. And we help others to know Jesus and His saving love through all of our words and deeds.

I also love that through the progression of the song, the words go from being about a singular person to all of us together. She starts out the song with the chorus" I know I'm going to find a way" and ends with "I know we are gonna find a way." Well that is just lovely isn't it? A great reminder that we are in this messy-beautiful life together.

In case you need to hear this again - we are in this messy-beautiful life together! The words of Romans 12:9-16 come to mind.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. 

When I hear this song, and read this passage from Romans that encourages us to devote our lives to one another and the world... when I think of you, I can, with great confidence say,

Well, I know we're gonna find a way
I know we're gonna light the way
And I know we're gonna make it, but we gotta say
We can save the world today and every day
Today and every day and every day

I know this and trust this because of our collective faithfulness. I know and trust this because of your love and care for one another. I know and trust this because of Jesus' faithfulness to us in giving his life up for love, forgiveness, and grace.

We are living in times that are beyond discouraging, challenging, and frustrating. But we also worship a God that can do miracles and love beyond our imagination. So, the next time you are "doom scrolling" take a turn to youtube and start scrolling for some tunes that will fill you with hope and joy. Remind yourself that God is bigger than what we are facing, you are not alone, and chances are if you are singing off key and having a dance party - someone else in our community is too!

God's peace, love and blessings,

Thanks for the fun workday!
This past Sunday, August 22, we had such a fantastic workday! Thank you so much!!! We were able to get all of the AV/Tech and music items set-up. We continued work on the outside grounds, wiped down and set-up chairs and tables, and had so many of you show up we created art for the walls! Together we are transforming this space into a beautiful sanctuary of love and joy. Here are some pics from the day...
Worship Information!!!
Sunday August 29 at 5:30pm
One of our contractors this week commented that a restaurant and bar is a strange place to have a church. "There are lots of strange characters that hang out in bars and restaurants," he quipped. I told him that "Jesus spent a lot of time eating and drinking with strange characters from all walks of life. It totally works that our church is in a space that invites interesting characters in - well... really... when you think about it, churches are full of intersesting characters!" We both laughed and he agreed that I had a point. The best way to kick off church in this space, is to worship and give thanks and then have dinner together afterwards. We hope to see you Sunday evening at 5:30pm with a potluck dinner following. Dress comfortably so you can sit at the picnic tables outside and enjoy our beautiful space. If you have any questions about location or the event you can contact me at revbeth@stnickshillcountry.org or text me at 214-213-0739.
Worship Times beginning September 5th
We will continue our two in-person worship services on Sunday mornings and our live-stream also. The times are the following -
8:30am - Outdoor In-person worship on the front patio
9:30am - Indoor In-person worship and live stream

Our 8:30am service is our outdoor, dog-friendly, casual, no music, celebrate communion worship. Our 9:30am service has music, communion, a "prayground" for children with toys and activities to help them experience worship, and is live-streamed for those who cannot be with us in person.

Consider joining one of these times and invite your friends and family who do not have a faith community to come along with you.
One of the blessings of being a community of faith is that we pray for one another. We pray in our corporate worship but also in our private devotions and time with God. Every time we pray, we draw near to God and near to one another.

Our new building has prayers written underneath the new paint job. We are surrounded in prayer and rejoice in being a community that prays in creative and thoughtful ways.

Over the next month, you will notice a new addition to our space - a prayer wall and reading/lending library. You will be encouraged to share your prayers on the wall but you can also send in prayer requests online here. If you have an urgent prayer request you can text or email
Rev. Beth.

2265 Bulverde Rd,
Bulverde, TX 78163
Phone: 214-213-0739