The Smorgasbord Starter Kit (feeds two)

Naturally leavened rye bread
Cultured butter 
Dill harvarti cheese by Bell and Goose
Pickles, honey + vinegar beets, lacto fermented thyme carrots 
Cranberry preserves
Golden eggs aka farm eggs pickled with turmeric & chilies


Sweet Buns
kinda like kardemummuballar buns

Maple ginger twisty sweet buns.

$7 for one bun 
$12 for two

Gravlax (feeds two)

Atlantic salmon cured with East Coast citrus.


Fish Cakes 

Cast iron grilled cakes made with local white fish + potato. Crème fraîche. Dulse seaweed from the coast of Maine.


More Pickles
More pickles! lacto fermented carrots & honey + vinegar pickled beets.