• Time changed to 10am-4pm (arrive 9:45am)
  • ONLY 4 spots open!!

Attention alumni of our 1.5 day TCC, Triad Training and Close Quarter Decisions.....we have a SPECIAL APPRECIATION day just for YOU!

Please join us on Sunday, Dec. 10th from 9:45am-4pm on the Dahlonega range for our Annual Alumni Appreciation Day!

This is a FREE class! Well, almost....we are charging a whopping $25. I am charging $25 to help pay for targets and such but mainly so I can track all of our confirmed alumni as this is an INVITE ONLY event and a RSVP is a MUST! When you send $25 through PayPal I will be notified, you will be placed on the list and your "spot" will be saved. Oh, only 20 spots available so get confirmed as soon as you can. When they are gone....they are gone!  

  • We are training through rain, shine and COLD! Dress appropriately
  • We will have BALLOONS on the street-side mailbox and a SIGN that says CLASS IN SESSION.
  • Photos and vids will be taken
  • 9:45am safety brief....DO NOT BE LATE!
  • Close Quarter Decisions (Trainsafe Pistol Disabler & TRTs required: borrow ours or bring your own) 
  • Positional Drills (Live-Fire) 
  • Standards and Accuracy (Live-Fire)
  • End of day Accuracy Competition with 1st pace WINNER!
  • DONE! Range clean up.....
Brian Hill 
Gedde Wilson 
Shelley Hill will be the Indispensable Organizational Wizard and help wherever is needed

Gear List: 
* Pistol w/ holster - 500 rounds of factory loaded ammunition - Magazine pouch - Sturdy belt - Spare magazines 
* TrainSafe Pistol Disabler and 2 TRTs IF YOU HAVE THEM. If not, you can borrow from us 
* "Back-ups" if you got it. You never know when a failure will occur and screw up your whole training day
* Eye and ear protection - Cold weather gear - Rain gear  
* 1 gallon of hydration - 1 sack lunch - Snacks are optional 
* Feel free to bring any protective gear or body armor that you may have. If you have a kit or war belt, that you would like to work out of, then do it. None of this is required but it is most welcome
* Knee pads are optional when helping with range cleanup  

Brian has planned an "end of day" accuracy competition for all who want to compete!

He wanted to have a kick a@@ prize and asked me to put my brain on it. I was thinking about our confirmed Alumni Appreciation Day guest list and one of the first peeps to sign up was Evangeline and Steve Andrews. They are KnifeKits! They are amazing people that are very generous with their time and resources to The Complete Combatant and Racheal' s Rest. I asked them if they were interested and they JUMPED at the chance to sponsor this special day!

Sooooo, enough talking....the Alumni Appreciation Day Accuracy Competition Winner will win.....drum roll.....a SIGNED Bob Terzoula CQB knifekit that retails for up to $250!!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!

Thank you Steve and Evangeline and see you on the range....if not sooner!