Dear Friends in Christ:

Deep breath.

If you are like me, nearly every communication you have received in your inbox over the past few days - including from the church - has included the word "coronavirus" in the subject line and recommendations ranging from how often to wash your hands to the proper way to cover your mouth when coughing. Don't get me wrong, those things are all important. But that is not the purpose of this particular message.

Again, take a deep breath.

Rhonda Hambright forwarded me a note written by a pastor in NYC to his congregation this week. It pointed out that everywhere we look things are being cancelled: March Madness (madness!), weddings, vacations, school, worship, campaign rallies (okay, maybe this one isn't so bad). But, he noted, we have not cancelled the most important things. We have not canceled the ability to call and check in on friends and neighbors. We have not canceled picking up groceries for someone who is sick . We have not cancelled hope . We have not canceled love . What are some other things you can think of that we have not and will not cancel?

So deep breath. God is with us . In the good and in the challenging, in the known and in the unknown, in health and in sickness, in life and in death: God is with us. That is the promise of the Gospel. We are not and will never be alone. Now more than ever, may we breathe in that truth, that hope, and that love.

To aid us in our breathing, the pastors and staff have created what we are calling "Unsettled But Unafraid: A Liturgy For Worshiping At Home." Each week that we are not able to gather in-person, we will send out this resource so that we can gather together in spirit around a common liturgy and theme. During this time of disruption from our normal routines and places, we hope this resource will be a tangible place for you to go for spiritual nourishment.

The lliturgy for worship at home for the week of March 15 is linked below. Take ten minutes to sit down, reflect, and tend to your soul. Be sure to also read the beautiful devotion written by Kate Buckley (Parish Associate for Congregational Care) included in the liturgy as well as watch the video devotional that corresponds to this week’s scripture. We are doing all of this in lieu of a livestream of our normal worship service.

Lastly, please remember that though worship and activities have temporarily paused, the church itself is not closed. We are here for you. Call on us anytime. And call on each other too. Remind yourself and those around you to breathe. God is with us. Ever and always, God is with us.

Peace ,

Alan Dyer
St. Simons Presbyterian Church
Video Devotional
Home Worship Liturgy
An Activity For Children and Families

Frieda Warner, Director of Children's Ministry and Christian Education, has setup a special activity on the Playground Veranda at church for any children and families who would like to stop by on Sunday.

Frieda writes:

For our recent Lent Event, we painted rocks with phrases, words, and scriptures that remind us of God’s presence in our lives.  Let’s continue this activity! 

As we practice social distancing, what better way to  share God’s love  around our community than to paint and hide rocks around the island?  Imagine how uplifting this small “gift” could be to someone who finds it!

Check out SSI Rocks on Facebook to post your rocks! And send me a photo of your rocks! (912-222-1098)