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The Community Church
Worship at the Gazebo
This Sunday @ 10:00 am
* * * * *
The Rev. Zachary Hancock will preach and Terry Moran provides music this Sunday at the Gazebo in downtown Lake Bluff. Join us for the service - and bring some friends - which starts at 10:00 am. Also, it is "Sunflower Sunday" - everyone at worship gets a sunflower! We'll explain why on Sunday.. Important: if you have special needs or require handicapped parking, please contact Pam Campbell. We will have orange cones in the parking spaces and remove them when you arrive so you can park adjacent the Gazebo. However, you need to let us know in advance. Thanks! And, thanks to the Village of Lake Bluff for allowing us to use the wonderful Village Green & Gazebo!
Folks gathering before the service last Sunday
What Makes Our Outdoor
Worship Possible?
It's Simple - Wearing Masks
* * * * *
There are a couple of reasons we need to wear masks when we gather at the Gazebo this Sunday. First, we need to do everything possible to keep ourselves and one another healthy and safe. Masks and social distancing do this for us. Second, it is imperative that we follow state and local directives regarding public gatherings. If you join us Sunday - wear your mask while you are in the park. Thanks very much.
Upcoming Gazebo Services
Include Farewell to Hancocks
* * * * *
June 14 - Zach preaches with Terry Moran providing music
June 21 - This Gazebo service has Tom preaching & singing "New Old Spice." Offering tunes will be Fred Koch, Matthew Koch and Tom. Also, we will have a special guest -Charles Jones - (see below) share a few thoughts.
June 28 - A very special service as we say "thank you & goodbye for now" to Rev. Zachary Hancock, his wife Lydia and their children Henry and Frances. Zach has served the Community Church for a bit over 3.5 years, and their family is moving back home to Colorado. Please join us at the Gazebo for the service, which will feature the music of Nic Barnum.
Every Sunday - A pre-recorded version of the service will be sent at 10:00 am to the inbox of everyone on the Community Church mailing list. Additionally, a link is on the church website.
The Market House
"Meals for Beacon" Program
With the Community Church Serves 1000th Meal
* * * * *
Carla and Dina from the Market House joined John Corrigan at Beacon Place on Thursday afternoon to help deliver meals and meet some of the Beacon Place families. Here's what Carla wrote on her Facebook page:
“Today we delivered our 1000th meal to the wonderful families of Beacon Place with help from The Community Church of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff. Today, Dina and I visited Beacon Place and
met some of the families. The gratitude given to us was overwhelming. We feel privileged to be able to do this during this most challenging time for the families in Waukegan. Looking forward to cooking more meals in weeks or months to come....
How blessed we are to have partners like Carla & Market House!
Charles Jones Speaks June 21
During a Children's Time
Designed for Everyone
* * * * *
Charles Jones will join us Sunday, June 21 to share a few words on "Spirit and Race" during the time in our service usually devoted to a Children's Message.
Charles was born in Los Angeles, California, but grew up in North Chicago, Illinois. He graduated Lake Forest College with a degree in Creative Writing. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's Degree in Teaching, where he will educate 5th - 8th graders about Literature, including grammar nuances like when to use "who" and "whom."
He is passionate about spreading the Word of God through poetry and/or social media. Charles will consistently state that "I am made by God." This truth encourages him to love himself no matter what the mirror reflects. Charles loves to play electric guitar, dance, and sing - and looks forward to joining the Community Church June 21. 
Food DRIVE continues daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Just drop off canned good, dry goods - whatever you feel enthusiastic about donating! The truck will be away from its parking spot by the office on Tu & Thur from 2 to 4 for the Beacon Meal Program & deliveries .