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Sunday Newsletter
Sunday, December 5, 2021
1st Semester End December 17
Good Afternoon C-F Families,

Our first semester of the school year ends on Friday, December 17. This is a critically important date for high school students in particular. Please check in with your child to make sure his/her work is caught up in every class and that they are preparing for exams the week of December 13-17. Because exams comprise up to 25% of a student's semester grade, significant time and effort should go in to preparing for each of them. Given everything we've faced over the last three semesters we are working very hard to keep any and all students from losing credit due to failing a class.

We have many resources available to help struggling students including one-on-one and small group assistance, after-school programing, a study hall during lunch and more. If your child needs additional assistance, please let his/her classroom teacher know or feel free to contact my office. We are here to help and eager to do so.

Thank you,

Ready for Snow Days and Delays?

The snow has arrived which means potential snow days or 2-hour delays between now and spring are inevitable. Do you have alternate childcare plans in place? Snow days are announced on Facebook and our website as well as through email and robocall notifications. Local media are also notified. Please be ready!
Social & Emotional Health
Support for families - Every Monday at 4 pm
Parents, are you feeling anxious about your family’s safety as COVID-19 keeps spreading? Would talking it over with other parents help ease your mind? Register for a virtual support group specifically for parents of children 18 and younger, hosted by our Stay Well counseling team. In this group, we talk about all topics relating to parenting during a pandemic. Sign up for one or more sessions at: