Sunday Newsletter
Sunday, December 12, 2021
More Reasons to Work Together
Good Afternoon C-F Families,

Last Thursday every student at Camden-Frontier was victimized by the actions of one or a few individuals. Thanks to an observant teacher, the quick response of the sheriff's department and a well executed plan by our staff, we were able to react quickly to protect our students and everyone on campus.

The investigation into this incident continues. The district intends to expel and prosecute anyone involved including possible felony charges. Anyone with information that could be helpful in identifying this person or persons can email us at or by filing an anonymous tip here.

We are now faced with two challenges: 1) Continuing to keep our school and students safe against actual threats of violence and 2) Preventing false copycat threats intended to disrupt school. Our best strategy in both cases is making sure we are talking to and, most importantly, listening to our students.

One tool many students use to safely and anonymously communicate information about school threats and other issues is called "OK2SAY". This service gives kids several anonymous ways to communicate with school staff including by text, email or phone. There's even an app for it. Click the link above or scroll down for more information. Please make sure your child knows about OK2SAY. Holding the individual(s) accountable for Thursday's incident is the best way to prevent future copycat threats.

With regard to legitimate threats to our campus, extensive discussions were underway prior to last week's incident and they will continue as the board considers numerous proposals for improvement. Campus safety and security is an ongoing conversation at Camden-Frontier and the board, administration and staff are committed to investing whatever resources are necessary to protect our students.

As always we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we address yet another challenge for our school community and students. We're looking forward to our return tomorrow.

Thank you,

Christmas Concert Rescheduled to Monday

Our secondary Christmas program has been rescheduled to Monday, December 13 - tomorrow! - at 7:30 pm in the gymnasium. We hope to see you there!
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