Issue 39
June 17, 2018
Dear LaGuardia Families,

Happy Father's Day to all of our LaG Dads!

So, this is it! There's just one week of Regents exams left to go. Our seniors graduate this Friday (sniff, sniff). The rest of the students will have next Monday to sort through any remaining end-of-year-business before they get their report cards the following day. And, then, as Alice Cooper once so elegantly crooned, school's out for summer!

We're so proud of all of our students and their many accomplishments this year, especially our seniors as they're about to embark on their new adventures. Even though we'll miss them terribly, and will equally miss our graduating parents, they'll always be members of LaGuardia! Make sure to join LaGuardia Alumni and Friends by going to the website. To all of our graduates, this really isn't goodbye; it's we'll see you soon!

A few quick reminders about Regents week: Students taking a morning regents exam, please note that the doors to the school will open at 7:30 a.m. They will be allowed to go to their lockers and to the cafeteria where breakfast will be served. Students taking afternoon Regents exams should arrive at school between 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. When students finish their exam, they will be directed to leave the building via the closest stairwell, quietly. If a student is meeting friends after a Regents exam, they should make plans and choose a meeting place OUTSIDE of the school building. Be sure to take any contents of your locker home at the end of the day, do not leave locker contents overnight.

We have some exciting news about some of our LaG students and a bonus item so please scroll down!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Linda Hahn and Kat Ramirez
PA Co-Presidents

Do n't forget to read the La! Weekly Bulletin for the Regents exam schedule plus important news for senior parents.
Upcoming Events

June 18-21: Regents Exam Week . No school for students not taking exams or called for rehearsals.

June 22: Graduation, 1:00 p.m. David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center.    Regents Rating Day. No School.

June 25: Senior Academic Awards, 1:00 p.m.

June 26: Last Day of School, 2:50 p.m. dismissal.

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Congratulations to our French students who recently were awarded medals at at the Lycée Français for Le Grand Concours (the National French Contest). A very special shout out to Mr. Della Penna for accompanying these medal winners to the ceremony last Saturday! Thanks to all of the French teachers for getting our students to such a high level of language skills. And a hearty congratulations to these students! Bien joué!

Pictured from left to right, Georgia Kretz (silver medal), Julianne Chin Drachman (gold medal), Isabel Janovsky (gold medal), Ryan Steuerman (bronze medal), Thy-lan Alcalay (silver medal), Jennifer Woo (silver medal).

Please note: We had other LaG medalists who are not pictured, whose names were not made available by press time.  Congratulations to all our amazing students!

5 Projects for
English, Math &
Science Classrooms
We've had a great year on DonorsChoose, with 54 projects completed, including many that received matching funds.

Now teachers are looking for ways to get ready for next year---especially for classroom technology and professional development, as there is no funding in these areas in the school budget.


Ms. Calderon Needs a New Classroom Computer
Ms. Calderon's Math classroom needs a new Apple Macbook to replace a barely functioning computer. 
Please donate:

8 Donors So far!
Mr. H.'s English Classes Need an iPad Pro
AP English teacher Mr. Hawlrylzak, never been funded before on DonorsChoose, needs an Apple iPad Pro for his students to properly edit their cinematic masterpieces.
Please donate here:

Mr. Hold has a NEW PD Project
Mr. Hold, an AP Environmental Science and Living Environment teacher, plans to attend a professional development course this summer, called Advanced Thinking through Writing (the Hochman Method). The Hochman Method is an evidence-based set of specific writing strategies that teachers use in all subjects, including ELA, social studies, science, foreign languages and math, that help students meet ever-higher, more rigorous standards.
Please donate here:

Ms. Mehter's 11th Grade English Classroom Needs a Computer
10 Donors So far!
Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge 
English teacher Ms. Mehter's students need daily access to presentations, images and documents that can only be projected through a classroom computer. Ms. Mehter has never been funded before on DonorsChoose.
Please donate here:

An Earth Science Project!
15 Donors So Far!
iPads for Mr. Fransowie's Classroom
Mr. Fransowie has requested new iPads to provide opportunities, multiple entry points and activities that can be completed by Earth Science students of all different skill levels and learning styles. The iPads will be used for the remainder of this academic year and in upcoming semesters.
THIS PROJECT EXPIRES JULY 28th -- Please help fund it!
Please donate any amount:


DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that allows private individuals to donate to public school classroom projects. LaGuardia teachers post many project requests on DonorsChoose throughout the school year for one simple reason: the NYC Department of Education does not provide many of the materials, technology and other essentials that make LaGuardia great.

In the past three years, 100% of our faculty's requests have been funded by parents and other generous supporters.

DonorsChoose donations are eligible for most employers' matching gift programs.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your graduate?
Honor your child while supporting current LaGuardia students by sponsoring a seat in LaGuardia's Concert Hall! Add a personalized message and the student's name to a plaque that will be permanently affixed to the back of a seat. This unique gift makes an everlasting statement. You may also add a plaque with your own name, to cherish the memory of a loved one, or to recognize classmates or faculty from the LaGuardia family! Seat prices are $250-$550.
For more details go to:

The New York Times Summer Reading Contest runs from June 15 to Aug. 24.

Every Friday beginning June 15, the Times will publish a post asking the same two questions: What interested you most in The Times this week? Why? You can always find that link in an update at the top of this page. It will also appear in this column.

Anyone 13 to 19 years old from anywhere in the world can post an answer any week until Friday, Aug. 24, and contestants can choose from any Times article, essay, video, interactive, podcast or photograph published in 2018, on any topic they like.

Every Tuesday starting July 3 we will announce winners from a previous week and publish their writing.

For complete details, click here.

College Now Fall 2018 Schedule
The priority deadline for applications and supporting documents is June 26th, 2018. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our Fall program.

Erlyn Mendez
Coordinator of College Now


The Guidance Department would like to share this opportunity for students and famililes who may be interested. Please view below: 
This summer, Binghamton University will hold two Binghamton Summer College sessions for academically talented students who have completed their sophomore or junior year:
The experience will offer students a preview into what college life at a premier public university is all about.
There are many reasons your students should apply. Opportunities include:
  • taking courses such as "Intro to Engineering," "Business Foundations and Leadership Academy," "Speech and Debate," "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" and "U Code,Girl!" taught by distinguished Binghamton faculty.
  • living in Binghamton's modern residential halls.
  • meeting other talented high-school students.
  • exploring the local community.
  • learning about the college admission process.
Although the deadline to submit an application was May 1, we were notified that applications are still open. We hope you'll encourage your child to spend some of their summer learning with this opportunity.

Another summer blockbuster film, another LaG graduate!

The Best Ocean's 8 Heistress Was Nine Ball's Little Sister

Here's a piece about Nathanya Alexander, who played Rihanna's ("Nine Ball") little sister in Ocean's 8.

(Hint: Bookmark the link & benefit our school at no cost to you!)

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