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January 2013
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With every new season at the Empire Polo Club it is our goal to provide an excellent polo experience for all patrons who attend our matches and events. With each new year we try to make improvements and implement new programs that we feel will enhance the polo experience for all of our members and guests. 


Opening Day of Polo on January 5th, 2014 was another incredible day with world-class polo and sidelines filled with spectators. The Club tried a few new programs and we want to make sure that we continue with the ones that worked well and adjust the ones that did not work so well. Here are some of the adjustments that we will implement moving forward: 

  • General Admission guests who park and tailgate on the east side of the field will be able to cross over to the VIP side of the field in between matches and during the divot stomps. They will be able to visit the retail and vendor areas, purchase food and drinks at the concession area and main bar and participate in the Divot Stomp. There will also be food and beverage available on the general admission side of the field for purchase and polo information for all guests.   
  • All VIP Cabana and table seating on the west side will still require a VIP wrist band. Table seating for the day can be purchased in advance or on the day of the event subject to availability.   
  • There will no longer be valet parking on the VIP side of the field for all of our Social Members and Cabana Owners. During regular Sunday games, guests will park their own vehicles and receive wrist bands at the entrance of the venue. During certain group events, there will be optional valet parking.   
  • VIP Members, Cabana Owners and VIP Guests will be able to bring in their own bottled water on the VIP side. 

We will continue providing the best possible experience for all of our Members and Guests. We thank you for your continued support. 



Tony Schieffer
2014 Season Schedule

Sunday Polo is scheduled from Jan. 5th - March 30th, 2014.   The featured polo matches are held at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. We will be closed on Sunday, March 2nd. 

Friday night "Polo Under The Lights" games will be featured on the second Friday of each month. The dates for the 2014 Polo Under The Lights are: Jan. 10th, 2014, Feb. 14th, 2014 and March 14th, 2014.  The game time for Friday night games is 5:30 PM. 

Social Memberships 

Empire Polo Club Social Memberships include a variety of benefits including VIP admission to all of the Sunday Polo games.  Click here to read more about Empire Polo Club Social Memberships.
If you are interested in a Social Membership, please contact Tony Schieffer at 760-393-7298 or tonyschieffer@empirepolo.com.
Playing Memberships & Stabling  
The 2014 Membership fees and tournament schedule 
are posted on the Empire Polo Club website. Click here to view the rates and download a copy of the tournament schedule.
Please contact Vicky Owens if you would like to sign up for a league or for stabling.  Her contact information is vickyowens@empirepolo.com or call 760-342-7755.