St. Andrew's Children and Family Ministry
Dear Families,

The bright silvery light of the moon peeking out from behind my bedroom curtains woke me up last night. And my first thought was, "Oh, No! Did I miss the full moon walk that was on my Lenten calendar?"

Well the answer was yes and no. The moon was indeed full last night, but there was a mistake in the calendar that said it was on the 9th. So I missed the full moon, but not the scheduled walk! I'm not sure what led to the mistake, but I am assuming I was experiencing a bit of overwhelm.
For most of us, parents especially, it is normal to feel this sometimes. For me, it's a sign I need to try to bring a little balance back into my life, to prioritize my emotional and spiritual wellbeing, so I have the reserves to take care others. As they say, you can't pour from an empty cup. There are lots of different ways to do this, taking a few minutes every day for prayer, mindfulness, or even exercise. Spending time alone at your favorite place, doing an activity that brings you joy. There is an amazing variety of ways to help recharge. But for a good, deep reset there is nothing better than a full weekend away in a beautiful setting with amazing women.

So, for the women reading this, I'm inviting you to take a moment for yourself and join us on the Annual Women's Retreat, April 21-23. You will experience peace, spiritual renewal, and a warm sanctuary of women. I'm also asking your partners to help you say yes, and encourage you to take care of yourself (even if you can't make the retreat this year). Being strong for your family means taking care of yourself too.

In the meantime, join me in a 96% full moon walk on March 9th (tomorrow), and laugh with me as we manage this being human thing together.

Much Love, -Erin
Holy One,

I could use a little flame by the side of the road, Off in the corner of my eye, Something to spark,

Curiosity, Imagination, Hope… I could use a spark or a sign or a signal. I could also use a detailed set of instructions. A how-to list, with a plan. Something to show, Strategy, Process, Progress… And if nothing else, I think maybe I could use a moment, With you,

On a mountaintop, In the laundry room, Or sitting on my front steps. Wherever. I need to know you’re there. I need to know you hear your people’s cries. I need to know you are around us and among us, Inspiring us, At work in us, At work in spite of us.

I need to know you’ve got this. Because I really, really don’t. Holy One of our Ancestors, We remember. We hope. You know.

Find us again. Free your people. Pour out your love. Amen. 
-The Rev. Erin Counihan
This Week in Sunday School

This week we will continue our Faces of Easter series and hear the stories of Jesus's baptism and his time in the desert. Don't miss next week when we complete the series with the story of Jesus as a healer and parable teller, the story of how Jesus shared the bread and wine and, finally, the story of Jesus who was, and still is Easter.
Important Dates

  • 4/9 – Easter Sunday. No Sunday School
  • 4/16 – Instructed Eucharist
  • 4/21 – Women's Retreat (details below). No Sunday School
  • 6/11-Sunday School teacher appreciation day.
  • 7/2 Family Fun Run (details below).

Women’s Retreat:
A New Light for Our Path
Registration Closes April 7
Please join us April 21-23 at a lovely retreat center in the hills of Temecula, where women of all ages and interests come together to experience spiritual renewal, a sense of peace and grow closer to the warm and welcoming sanctuary of women at St. Andrew’s. Full details can be found here. Registration closes on April 7th. If you have any questions, contact Debbie Hickson – (760)-533-2808.
Family Fun Run
Sunday, July 2nd

We are coordinating with the City of Encinitas to bring the vision of one of our Vestry members to life. On Sunday, July 2nd, we will host the first annual Family Fun Run in the Village Park area, which will include a bicycle parade and a festival featuring local community service agencies.
The Guest House

"This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival."

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Sunday Worship
(Masks Strongly Recommended)
8:00 am and 10:00 am
If you can't join us in person
 click here to join the livestream worship. If the livestream is unsuccessful, there will be a recorded version posted to the website on Tuesday of the following week. Click here to access this week's bulletin.
Just for fun

Goat Yoga. Right here in Encinitas!
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