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Sunday School at Home
Sunday April 5, 2020
A Dark Night in the Garden

Watch our Kidz Worship leader, Ann Locke read the story, A Dark Night in the Garden. It will be available Sunday morning on the church app or on the website, under sermons.

Discuss the story with your family.

  1. Jesus found it important to pray to His Father especially in difficult times. Jesus prayed, We must pray. Make a list of things you are thankful for and prayer requests for your family and others. Pray together with your family.
  2. In today's story Jesus said, "I trust you Papa. Whatever you say I will do."
  3. What was God's will for Jesus?
  4. Was Jesus reluctant to follow God's plan?
  5. Was Jesus obedient to God's Plan? How was He obedient? (died on the cross taking the punishment for our sins)
  6. During the coronavirus outbreak, how are you being obedient to God? (praying for others; encouraging friends; being obedient to our parents; loving our siblings;, etc.)

Our story today is found in Mark 14:32-41; Luke 22:39-45;

Lloyd-Jones, Sally., and Jago.  The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name . Grand Rapids, Mich. : Enfield: Zondervan, 2007.

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Public Health is encouraging us to frequently wash our hands especially during this COVID 19 outbreak. Download these "hand washing" verses. Each takes about 20 seconds to recite. Memorize Scripture while washing your hands!