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As you know a tornado ripped thru Rowlett earlier this evening, demolishing houses and neighborhoods.  We have opened the church as a safe haven for those people affected by this tragedy.  For the safety of everyone, we will not have church services in the morning.  We will be ministering to our community throughout the night and will continue through to tomorrow.  Many have called wanting to volunteer and/or bring things - we need blankets, cots, batteries, phone chargers, snacks, bottled water, ice, food, etc....  The roads are closed tonight and no one can get in to Rowlett.  Hopefully the roads will be open tomorrow and you can get to the church.  I will let you know more information in the morning as we see how the morning progresses. But please stay home until we let you know that the roads are open and safe to travel.
Please be praying for these families - we have heard that one of our own has lost their home and needs your prayers!!!


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