If you've ever had a cracked tooth or an abscess you know that tooth pain can be excruciating. Most people would so anything to make that kind of pain away. However for many of our patients, their fear of the dentist is so overwhelming that they will simply try to live with the pain.

This fear is generally rooted in educational, cultural, structural, or financial factors. Many of our patients come to CrossOver either never having seen a dentist, or having had a terrible experience with one.

As a member of Community Partners in Oral Health, a collaborative initiative funded by Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, CrossOver is working to advance learning and promote health equity related to oral health.

Through this initiative, CrossOver, along with our partners; the Daily Planet, Capital Area Health Network, Goochland Cares, Virginia Oral Health Coalition, and Community Health Solutions, is engaging with community members through one on one interviews to find out why patients avoid their dental appointments, even when they have painful conditions.

This study will help us provide better, more comprehensive care for our patients.