Hello Sunshine,

This past week I had a wonderful conversation with a few of our members, we were talking about choices. One of the words of wisdom my mom would share with me (bless her soul) is, 'You can choose to be happy, and you can choose to be sad. The choice is yours.'

Our choices not only affect our mood, but every choice we make is imprinting on us and creating our life. Last week, we talked about reaction and response. If we step back, we can see our choices and how they change our life. This coming week, let's reflect on our best and our worse choices from the past.

Our yoga practice teaches us to slow down our inhale and exhale. In turn, we can slow down our thoughts and our responses to make better choices. These are the little stepping stones to building a better life.

In-studio news this week ANDY ASKs Mallory 23 questions. The link to the video is below, so take a watch and get to know a little more about Mallory.

Carrie will be hosting a Prenatal workshop in May. Carrie is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, certified prenatal teacher, certified doula, and childbirth educator.

This week's Sunshine pose of the week is Baby grasshopper or Bala (baby) Parsva (side) Bhuja (arm or shoulder) Dandasana (staff pose). This pose looks challenging on the surface but if we can find a state of flow in our yoga practice, we can easily move into this posture. There are many ways to get here, but my favorite way is from standing split. If you are standing on the right foot and the left foot is in the air, reach the right hand up to grab the left foot. With the spine long and core engaged, lift the heart as the left leg and hips come toward the floor (like a seesaw). Press the energy through the left foot and maybe lift the left hand off of the ground.

Baby grasshopper is excellent for balance, core strength, and changing your perspective.

 Find the best version of your Baby Grass Hopper for your body and show us and post on social media. Use the hashtags
 #sunshineposeoftheweek #sunshinetribe and @sunshineyogashack. Without the hashtag and studio tag, I may not see your entry. Every post you make is an entry. There are four weeks and four poses before we draw the winner. The winner will be able to choose a new Manduka yoga mat or bolster from Manduka.com. 

Congratulations to Latosca for winning in March. Who will win for April?

Love and Light!
23 Questions with Andy Jordan and Mallory Green
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