Hello Sunshine,

The world is experiencing a great rebirth this spring as vaccines are given and people begin to feel safe again. Easter Sunday is a celebration of resurrection in the Christian faith. No matter your beliefs Easter Sunday marks the rebirth of nature and mother earth. It is easy to see the natural rhythm of the planet with the coming of spring. When we embrace the natural rhythm of life we can flourish and blossom into our true potential.

You may have noticed the new schedule and we have let go of the shorter classes to embrace a release from restrictions. Having the original class times back has enriched our yoga and aerial classes. As we let go of restrictions and embrace this spring, you should know many of our teachers are now fully vaccinated. I will receive my second vaccine Tuesday. In my classes, I will be moving about the room with freedom and will begin to press shoulders again. You have the freedom to say yes or no to this service. The studio will have stones with a yes and a no for you to let us know if you want to be touched in your space.

There are many precautions we will keep in place to keep us safe. We will keep in place 30-minute windows between classes to keep traffic down coming and going. We will continue to use a hospital-grade fogger throughout the studio and on the aerial fabric between classes. We also will keep our social distance spots to prevent crowding.

April also brings us Earth Day. Join Mallory for a special celebration on April the 24th. See below for more details and to reserve your spot. There are more special events coming make sure to check them all out below.

This week's #SunshinePoseoftheWeek is UPWARD FACING DOG pose. Urdhva (Upward) Mukha (Facing) Svanaasana (Dog pose). In my opinion, this posture is a pose of rebirth, a fresh breath, a building of prana. In vinyasa-based yoga, it marks the space after a long breath out from high to low plank where you renew your breath and life force.

People often ask, what is the difference between upward facing dog and cobra? Again, in my opinion, the upward-facing dog we lift the chest and extend the arms to lift the heart to the sky. Our hips are hovering off the floor and we press into the top of the feet, activating the glutes. Cobra is a softer version with the hips on the floor and the elbows bent. At Sunshine, we encourage you to find any version between the two that feels best in your body.

Keep in mind our yoga practice offers a chance at rebirth and renewal with each new breath, new intention, and new day.

Find the best version of your upward-facing dog pose for your body and show us and post on social media. Use the hashtags
#sunshineposeoftheweek #sunshinetribe and @sunshineyogashack. Without the hashtag and studio tag, I may not see your entry. Every post you make is an entry. There are 4 weeks and 4 poses before we draw the winner. The winner will be able to choose a new Manduka yoga mat or bolster from Manduka.com.

A big shot out to Latosca for winning the March pose of the month contest. Who will win this month?

Love and Light!