Hello Sunshine,

What a week! After this past week, the entire state is thawing out. We are hoping and praying everyone has power and running water. The studio is up and fully functioning and our regularly scheduled classes are up and running as well. Please come and see us to recharge your energy.

Today is the day Kayla returns. Please help us welcome her back after her quarantine. Kayla is an amazing teacher and part of our #SunshineTribe and her classes will help you get ready for your week.

As Texas was overwhelmed this week and lost power it reminded me of how we can all overtax ourselves. Yoga can be a great way to recharge. When we think of recharging we might think about taking a yin class, instead, let's think about Eagle's pose.

Our bodies build energy and heat as we move through our yoga practice. When we make our bodies big we send out big energy likewise, when we compress our bodies we can charge up and draw the energy in, just like when we bundle up in eagle pose.

Eagle's pose in Sanskrit Garudasana. Garuda is not really an eagle but a mythical creature with the body of a man and the head of an eagle.

Stand in Mountain pose and raise the right leg to cross it over the left leg, with the option to hook the right foot around the foundation lower leg. Take the arms and open them up in a goal post position and stack the left arm on top of the right. If possible, bring the palms together or the back of both hands.

Eagle's pose is great for our heart chakra as it opens and releases stress in the back between the shoulder blades. It also draws the energy within to build up heat and power.

Make sure to post your Eagle pose and use #sunshineposeoftheweek #sunshinetribe and @sunshineyogashack. Without the hashtag and studio tag, I may not see your entry. Every post you make is an entry. There are 4 weeks and 4 poses before we draw the winner.

Love and Light!
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This is a 25-hour certification and has CEC for Yoga Alliance.
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The Hungry Hooker is none other than our Fabulous Jessica C.

She has an interesting food blog on Instagram. Jessica eats clean and is down to earth. She inspires me to put effort into my food choices. One thing I teach in our Yoga Teacher Training is mindful eating. When we pay attention to our food and take time to chew and savory our food, we eat less and make better choices.

When we eat mindfully, we eat with balance, and our food nourishes us to give us the energy we need to live a healthy life.
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