Hello Sunshine,

The new year is moving right along. Don't wait to make plans or do the things that are important to you. My mom would always say, time is fleeting, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Often in life, we say, I will do what makes me happy after this or after that. Why wait? Make choices today for a better tomorrow.

I spoke to a new friend this week who had planned on starting yoga for years. She said she keeps putting it off because life gets in the way. Yoga enriches our lives so very much, why wait to start. You will see it is effortless to start where you are and grow a little every day.

If you are just starting, register for my Intro to Yoga Workshop on January 30th. There are still a few spaces left. We will break down your yoga practice in a way to take the mystery out of yoga.

When we practice yoga we begin to feel the energy within our bodies in a different way. If we can harness this energy our yoga practice can be effortless. Prana is our life force energy and also the air we breathe. We can learn to channel this prana and move energy. Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II is a yoga posture where you can tap into this energy. As with any pose notice the energy, send the energy to all parts of the body, and notice how light and fluid you feel.

Warrior 2 is our pose of the week. Standing tall with one foot at the back of your mat with the heel down and turned at an angle, the front knee bent. Face forward, gazing over your middle finger. Arms are open to a T, and your heart is facing the side of the mat. Feel the energy from the heart extend through the ends of the fingers of both hands. Also, feel the energy from your heart extend up past the crown of your head and send the energy from your heart down through your feet. Connect your feet to the floor and imagine roots growing into the earth.

Join us for our Pose of the week challenge.
Please show us your Warrior 2 pose for a chance to win a Manduka yoga mat. We will name the winner on January 31st! Make sure to use #sunshineposeoftheweek #sunshinetribe and @sunshineyogashack. Every post you make is an entry. There are 4 weeks, and 4 poses before we draw the winner.

Love and Light!
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