Hello Sunshine,

One word I hear a lot these days is TRIGGERED. So, I have a question for you. What's your trigger and how do you respond to it?

In the past, we tiptoe around the word trigger and we avoid everything that causes a reaction in someone, including ourselves. Yoga teaches us to feel our feelings and do our best to understand them. I know from experience in my life and my practice when we avoid a feeling or sensation we are inviting in disharmony and imbalance. Instead, we should lean into the feeling and be curious, try to understand what the true issue is.

Use your practice this week and notice what comes up for you and try to understand, instead of back away. When we feel our feelings with understanding it grows our emotional maturity and gives us the skills to cope with life.

In-studio news this week ANDY ASKs Jennifer 23 questions. The link to the video is below, so take a watch and get to know a little more about Jennifer. Jennifer will be hosting Jenniflyer's Circus School this month. There is one spot left and you can sign up via the app.

A big congratulations go out to Andy Jordan and Christinia Rinker. They will be helping us out with classes at the studio. Christinia graduated from Sunshine School of Yoga last year with a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and Andy completed his Aerial Certification last week.

This week's Sunshine pose of the week is Buddha Squat, Garland pose, or Malasana pose (Like a Mala, necklace, because the arms hang from the neck like a garland). From tall mountain pose with the legs shoulder-width apart, lower down to a squatting position. Bring your hands to the heart center and use the elbows to widen the width of the knees.

Buddha squat is wonderful for strengthening the pelvic floor and opening hips. In the United States, we sit on chairs most of our life. In other countries, the population is very comfortable sitting on the floor and squatting. Something to think about if this posture brings up uncomfortable feelings or triggers a reaction in your body.

 Find the best version of your Buddha Squat for your body and show us and post on social media. Use the hashtags
 #sunshineposeoftheweek #sunshinetribe and @sunshineyogashack. Without the hashtag and studio tag, I may not see your entry. Every post you make is an entry. There are four weeks and four poses before we draw the winner. The winner will be able to choose a new Manduka yoga mat or bolster from Manduka.com. 

April's winner for the pose of the week is Cedricka Jackson!

Love and Light!
23 Questions with Andy Jordan and Jennifer Sharts
Jenniflyer's Circus School has one spot left. To save your spot got to the Sunshine app and look at our events page.
Meet the new Teachers. Andy and Christina will be coming to a class helping out as Subs.
A word from one of our Business Partners
If you have roof or storm damage please visit our construction partner Viridian Construction Group. They do so much for us behind the scenes when we need it. Give them a call or check out their web address here.