Sunday Worship is Shifting!
Join us In Person

We are excited to offer an in-person worship option starting this Sunday. Please BYOB, bring your own Bible.
*RSVP is not mandatory
but is preferred to help us track attendance for potential Covid notification.
Join us Live Streaming

All you need to do is visit Crosstown's YouTube Channel before 9:15AM. There you will see a "Live Now" video as highlighted in the image below. Select that "Live Now" video. When the video opens you will still need to press the play button. ▶️ Then enjoy the service!
Please bear with us as there will likely be some technical glitches to work through as we move to this new video method.
Live Chat during Worship

Now you will be able to chat online during worship if you are watching live at 9:15AM.
The right side of your screen has a running chat feature. Just type in your comment in the box, then hit the blue arrow to post. You can use emojis too!
👍🏿 💗 😀
In Person Worship
Do I have wear a mask to attend church?
Yes. We would like everyone to wear a mask at Sunday worship at all times. Only presenters will remove masks as needed during worship.

What if I forgot my mask?
No problem. We have lots of extras.

Are there any other rules I need to know before I attend church?
There are and we have a video to explain them. Please watch it here.

What if I forgot the RSVP for church, or I RSVP'ed and now can't make it?
It's ok. Come anyway.
We have ushers who will be taking attendance to confirm who was actually present for the morning in case we need to make Covid notifications.

Are kids and youth welcome?
Yes, and there will even be content in the morning geared towards these ages. They do need to stay with you for the entire service.

Can I hang out in the parking lot after service to chat?
Sure you are welcome to catch up with friends. Just be mindful of distancing.
Online Worship
Can I watch the service online at a different time?
Yes. Once the 9:15AM live stream has ended it will convert to a regular video on our YouTube channel that you can watch anytime after 10:00AM.

What if my internet stops or I just see the loading spinning wheel?
Use the refresh option and then hit the Play button again.

Can I pause, stop, and rewind the live stream?
Yes, however you may be subjected to a commercial for this freedom.

Will I be able to hear?
We hope so. We have been working hard to improve the sound quality and clarity of our recordings.

Will I be able to see people?
You will see the speakers, just not quite as up close and personal as our previous recordings. You will not be able to see the in-person attenders.