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Online Worship Bulletin
June 28, 2020
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Opening Music          Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You

Beloved ones, church family, friends, seekers and sojourners, we are so glad you have joined us for worship this morning. Whether you’re in your living room or bedroom or somewhere else, you are welcome here. Whether you’re wearing your pajamas or street clothes or something else, you are welcome here. Whether you’re drinking tea or coffee or something else, you are welcome here. Whether this is your first-time experiencing worship online or whether you are a seasoned social media expert, you are welcome here. Whether you’re alone in your home or with family members, you are welcome here. Whether you are feeling calm or anxious or somewhere in between, you are welcome here. Whether you’ve worshipped with us many times or this is your first time, you are welcome here. No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. We are so glad you have joined us this morning.

Call to worship (Ps 13, Rom 6)
How long, O Lord?
  • How long must we hold onto this pain?
How long will the aches of our souls have power over our hearts?
  • How long must we bear the weights of worry, of guilt, of sorrow?
Move beyond the past that holds us captive.
  • We will move forward, despite the scars.
May God’s steadfast love heal our spirits.
  • May God’s steadfast love help us discover the road to salvation.

Prayer of Gathering and Confession (Unison)
Holy One, in whom we bear our souls, we take comfort and courage in your presence. Through your love and light, we are able to explore what it takes to place our trust entirely in you. Yet we allow our human limitations shroud us from you, prodding us to unhealthy tendencies. We choose discordant noises, instead of the melodious sounds of your call. We would rather abide in the vapors of worry and the smog of self-interest, rather than breathe the refreshing mist of your grace. May the toxic clouds that confine our spirits dissipate, and may we perceive the light of your grace.

Assurance of Grace (Unison)
In the spirit of God’s freedom, let us delight in the refreshing winds of God’s grace, by accepting God’s forgiveness which renews us all. Amen.

Psalm 13
How long will you forget me, Lord? Forever?
    How long will you hide your face from me?
How long will I be left to my own wits,
    agony filling my heart? Daily?
How long will my enemy keep defeating me?
Look at me!
    Answer me, Lord my God!
Restore sight to my eyes!
    Otherwise, I’ll sleep the sleep of death,
        and my enemy will say, “I won!”
        My foes will rejoice over my downfall.
But I have trusted in your faithful love.
    My heart will rejoice in your salvation.
Yes, I will sing to the Lord
    because he has been good to me.

Jeremiah 28:5-9 
Then the prophet Jeremiah responded to Hananiah in the presence of the priests and all the people who were standing in the Lord’s temple.  The prophet Jeremiah said: “Indeed. May the Lord do just as you have said! May the Lord fulfill the words that you have prophesied and bring back from Babylon the equipment of the Lord’s temple and all the exiles to this place.  However, listen closely to what I have to say to you and all the people:  The prophets who came before you and me long ago prophesied war, disaster, and disease against many lands and great kingdoms.  So the prophet who prophesies peace is recognized as one who is actually sent by the Lord only when that prophet’s message is fulfilled.”


Prayer Requests


Pastoral Prayer

Reflection on Giving
Trusting in the steadfast love of God requires us to invest our whole selves – from the depths of our souls, and with the entirety of our hearts. As we share a portion of what we have been given, the endeavors of the congregation can progress in transformed ways. As we serve our neighbors, we serve the Christ. In gratitude for God’s many gifts, we celebrate God’s call to care for creation, and to boldly love the children of God. Amen.

Hymn                  When Peace Like A River      

Our worship is over, but our service is just begun. God’s Spirit is being poured out on God’s church though we may be scattered. With joy and amazement we carry and keep it with us as we serve. God’s love is changing us and granting new life.
Be love. Be light. Be at peace. Amen.
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