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Honour Your Time...Honour What You Love Doing.

It's important, it matters...what makes you happy. Our plants can give us just what we need, - it can draw us together with others, or it can give us reason to retreat into the blissful quiet of our alone time. 

Heart of white flour on a wooden board. Cooking with love. Holiday backing background. Eco food and home cooking. Share your gardening time with music you love, or let your flowers wrap around you as you curl up and get carried away by a good book. Let the wine in your glass catch the fading sunlight; let your flowers dance with your children as they spirit through the cooling water droplets from the sprinkler. 

Design your space around you. Design your life, with textures and colours, quiet and calm, music and laughter...whatever it is...it's your design after all. 

But first, a bit of organizing; looking back at some fun times and looking ahead to more good times...so let's begin.   :)                                             
Boundary Bay Lions Event ~ A Huge Success!!
Our Customers Were Outshining Our Flowers That Weekend!! Wow!

So many people came out to support the Lions by shopping for their garden supplies and plants on the Lions Fundraiser Weekend ( May 2 & 3rd) .

The energy was fun and electric! People were planning, and smiling, designing and talking, deciding and laughing. And I got to have fun capturing your moments of delight!
So now the photos from that weekend have been uploaded to our Sunnyside Nurseries Website...you can click here  to have a good long loookie...personally...I think the photos turned out great! 

Sunnyside's Facebook Page
Over the summer I will still be posting fun stuff on our Facebook page!! After all, I couldn't go ALL summer and not share interesting and creative things with you!!

As well, I'll create some Albums, so you can check out things like the Lions Event photos, our great staff, herbs, succulents, gift ware, our seasonal items...things like that. 

And...I'll always travel with my ipod to capture and post photos on Sunnyside's Instagram account. Who knows what floral and fauna I might happen upon! 


The Months Ahead...
Let's do a little planning...together.  :)

The Month of June................ we are closing at the end of the month to have a little family time. 

The Months of July and August............the nursery is closed. Behind the scenes, in August we are rearranging and cleaning and setting up for the fall. 

The Month of September........... the nursery is Open again! Yay! People love to landscape in the fall, it's a really great time to do it becasue the temperatures are moderate and there is time for the plants to grow in and settle before winter. Our plant and shrub section is bursting full of great potential for your garden! Plus we have the fall Pansies, Fall Bulbs, Chrysanthemums, Lime for your lawn before 'the winter rains', Gift Ware, tools, you know...all that good stuff.  :)

The Month of October............. Woo Hoo! It's PUMPKIN TIME!! All sizes, all shapes, organic, different colours, gourds too! And of course, the bulbs, trees and shrubs and more good stuff.

The Month of November...........Our store is open, yes it is and you will see Christmas Elves busy at work changing the store over to a Christmas Wonderland. Some Fall Bulbs will still be available, gift ware, and get a early peek at the Christmas Ornaments and Decorations.

The Month of December........... Christmas Trees!!! Beautiful, Lush, Healthy Live and Cut Trees. And.. .Grade A Poinsettias!!  Very full, nicely shaped and with many flowers, we carry all colours and colour mixes. Can't forget the Elves!! Decorations for your home, wreathes for your doors, ornaments, gifts just waiting to be put under the tree! 

The Month of January........... our gates are closed for 'Clean Up!' We change the store back to our Spring Season Theme. 

The Month of February............we Open again!  Yay! And, you guess it...we do it all again! 
Gotta love the garden, it always comes back to you.  :) 
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Remember...Greatness is to be Found in Your Garden!! 


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