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We have always felt so torn at this time of year. We honestly love interacting and talking with everyone, helping with your inquiries and sharing your gardening experiences. So when we prepare to close, everyone at Sunnyside is always a little bit 'weird' (don't tell them I said that) but it's true. It does feel odd, but I must say....we are also exhausted, physically and mentally, so we just need to catch our breath. Being a family business, we don't have extra staff to keep the store open year round, and everyone really needs to re-energize. So....we can call it a, 'Group Beach Day' the entire community goes to the beach and relaxes. Okay, ....that would be really hard to organize. Let's just go with our families. That's what were up to, and to everyone Enjoy Your Beautiful Gardens! 

 So whether you have a small deck or balcony, a little plot of green space or perhaps rolling hills all the way to the White Cliffs of Dover ( a little hyperbole there ) it is...such a beautiful thing to share this world with plants...and hummingbirds, and bees and butterflies and birds and bats (ah hem...they eat mosquitoes!) and owls ( they eat the mice and rats) and snakes (they eat all the creepy crawlies).  To have our solitude and/or gatherings of friends and family, it's good to be reminded by Mother Earth that little moments of feeling good is okay.

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The Big Kahuna! 
A Sale at Sunnyside!
30% OFF 

All Hanging Baskets, Planted Containers, Bedding Plants and Selected Perennials

Thursday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 26th 

 We hope to see everyone, even if you're not shopping, just drop by to say 'Hi' 

And a little note if I may, we do have a good selection of cards and gifts for that last minute thank you gift or a well deserved treat for yourself...since your are saving soooo muuuuch on the flowers. :) 


Looking Forward
Summer is wonderful but lets just look ahead into the year, shall we?

September  - after Labour Day we Open the gates again! Yay!

September/October  - Fall Bulbs, Landscaping plants, winter pansies,
chrysanthemums, and...gift ware. Also, those beautiful orange orbs...pumpkins!

November  - Christmas Elves are busy at work but we are still OPEN.
pansies, fall bulbs and...gift ware.  

December  -  Whoa! Holly Hicupps! The store has been transformed.  Premium Poinsettias, Christmas trees, wreaths, natural outdoor decor, and....Christmas gift ware! Ornaments, home decor, Christmas Cards ( I just did the order...and they're soooo adorable!), irresistibly cute polar bears and reindeer stuffies (spoiler alert!)

Perennial Fun!
Pointing Out a Fave Book on Perennials

Love of gardening...well, you cant't go wrong with that. And seeing our perennial floral friends coming up again each year is a good sight to behold indeed, and so thereby c ollecting gardening books is just as special as collecting our perennial plants. One of my books I refer to often is, 'The Northern Gardener: Perennials That Survive & Thrive' by Barbara Rayment. 

It covers ten different types of habitats from bog to woodland, many lists for which perennials do well in which areas, and an A - Z plant description for 'plants of the North'. 

I'm sure you have your favourite 'go to' gardening books, but it never hurts to add another book,  to add to your beautiful realm of knowledge.  Check it out, and others, at our local community book stores.  :) 

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Remember...Greatness is to be Found in Your Garden!! 
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