Burning lantern in the snow

Christmas Open House!
Our very first ever!

Come see our store as we have transformed it into a winter wonderland filled with Christmas treasures!

Date: Monday, November 23rd
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 pm

20% OFF all items related to Christmas

Delicious food from Localz urban cafe in Ladner
Names drawn for great prizes

A cheery, fun evening with sweet delights to eat and sweet delights to shop for! Please join us for a lovely evening, we will be looking forward to seeing you.                                                           Woodland lake winter scene with snow covered trees and leaves.
Bulbs...it's not too late
Yes, still the opportunity to enjoy our garden therapy. I'm referring to bulbs!
Planting in bulbs now is still totally good, Mother Nature will not be cross with you, I promise. :) 
Good News...our bulbs are 30% Off! Yipee!!

A Seed of Thought...

Tending to our gardens may sometimes seem like a chore...but we are caring for a space full of growing, living life...active with birds and bees, a space that gives us so much - quiet peace, quiet company, room for our loved ones to play, beauty for our eyes and our souls. So if you are stiff from raking leaves...remember - you can always count on this space to give back to you so much in so many ways...special to you. 

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beautiful red and white husky retriever in the snow in winter

Remember...Greatness is to be Found in Your Garden!! 


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